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Histories for 7261 MUNSS - 605 MUNSS Memmingen AB Germany

Completed in 1936 and aligned under the Alpengeschwader (Alpine Squadron) of Combat Wing 255 headquartered at Landsberg Air Base (AB); Memmingen AB was home to a repair and assembly operation that was key to sustained German aircraft production. On 18 July 1944, Memmingen was selected for bombardment by 15th Air Force with 167 B-17's from the 5th Wing. The reason Memmingen was selected was that intelligence reports were that 70+ ME-110's and 410's were located at the airfield. Bombing results were devastating and according to the Intelligence Operations Summary, Headquarters Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force, 19 July 1944, "bomb strike photos showed 118 enemy aircraft present (40 single engine, 77 twin engine and one multi-engine). Claims were 17 destroyed, 4 probably destroyed and 14 damaged. A heavy concentration of strikes covered the entire installations area on the north side of the Airdrome. Two and possibly three of the very large hangars were very heavily hit and totally destroyed. Four other hangars on the north perimeter suffered direct hits and damage by blast. A very large hangar on the West boundary received direct hits and near misses. Two warehouses and adjacent rolling stock in the south central part suffered direct hits followed by fires and two explosions. Several small shops in the southeast corner received direct hits and were destroyed. Scattered damage to shops, barracks and administration buildings in the west end of the area is also visible." The United States Air Force (USAF) became involved with Memmingen with the activation of the 7261st Munitions Support Squadron (MUNSS) and Operating Location Delta - 2063rd Communications Squadron in the Spring of 1973, dedicated to supporting the German Air Force (GAF) 34th Fighter Wing (JaboG-34). At the time, JaboG-34 was flying the F-104 Starfighter. The host wing later transitioned to the PA-200 Tornado in 1988. The 7261st MUNSS was redesignated the 605th MUNSS in 1993 and was deactivated in the summer of 1995.

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