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Histories for USASAFS Augsburg

Memories of USASAFS Augsburg
Just before we left Germany our last time in 2004, we went to Augsburg/Stadtbergen and Gablingen to see how things looked. Gab is all keycard entry now and the facility is run by the Germans. I ID'd myself as a former FS soldier, but it wasn't enough to get them to let me in to see how the area had changed. Sheridan Kaserne, really the last place left there, was locked up, but it looks like they were expecting us to return. Everything is still marked as it was and the buildiongs were being maintained even though not occupied. Kala's is still there. I went in and talked to him for a while and he misses all of the old military presence there. Cramerton Housing has been renovated by the Germans for their housing and looks really nice. The old PX area is now warehouses and used by many of the druggies in the area The biggest disappointment for me from my assignment as a 98G in the 70's was the change in Augsburg. The city no longer has its classic charm we all enjoyed. The clash of modern glass and steel with historical architecture has ruined that for all time. Ah well, such is life. CW5 Bob Arms Former 98G, now 153DH 1st Ops Bn, 77-78

Posted by Robert Arms
Feb 23 2007 02:01:42:000AM

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