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Histories for 2nd Field Force, Vietnam

II Field Force, Vietnam
II FIELD FORCE Since its arrival in Vietnam, on March 15, 1966, II Field Force had grown into the largest combat command in the world. II Field Force Vietnam, traces a proud lineage to its predecessor, XXII U.S.Army Corps. Prior to its activation at the end of World War II, XXII U.S. Army Corps. saw action in Rhineland and in various central European campaigns. When reactivated at Ft. Hood, Texas, in January 1966, the command received its new name, II Field Force. Upon arrival in Vietnam, II Field Force had operational control of five major units: the 1st and the 25th Infantry Divisions, the 173d Airborne Brigade, the 12th Combat Aviation Group and the 23rd Artillery Group During the following three years, numerous U.S. and free World Military Forces came under II Field Forces control. Operating under II Field Force control were such diverse units as the 25th Infantry Division, the 1st Infantry Division, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the 1st Australian Task Force, the Royal Thai Black Panther Regiment and the Capitol Military Assistance Command (CMAC). Also with the II Field Force were the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, the 3rd Brigade, 82d Airborne and the 3d brigade, 9th Infantry Division. The 23d and 54th Artillery Groups, the 12th Combat Aviation Group and the 20th Engineer Brigade provided support for the II Field Force Combat units. Also the following units were in Plantation Base Camp in 1966-67: 552nd Military Police Company; 53rd Signal Battalion: 9th Transportation Company (Airborne) and 2nd Civil Affairs Company - only the HHQ Detachment was there at Plantation - all of the civic action teams (24) were assigned to maneuver brigades or attached to MACV District Advisor Teams in III and IV Corps. Check out website www.2ndCivilAffairs.com.

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