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Histories for 646th Quartermaster Company

646 Quartermaster Company
The parent unit was constituted 22 November 1948 in the Organized Reserve Corps as the Quartermaster Refrigeration Comapny (Fixed) and assiged to the Second Army. It was activated 8 December 1948 at Greensburg, PA and inactivated 9 Aug 1950. The Organized Reserve Corps was redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve. The 646th Quartermaster Company Refrigeration Company was redesigned 24 November 1967 as the 646th Quartermaster Company. On 30 Hanuary 1968, the 646th QM Co was assiged to the First United States Army and activated at New Castle, PA. Later that year on 1 APR 1968, the 646 was attached to the 475th Quartermaster Group. The 475th QM Group was granted it's own insignia, using the Motto "Fueled for Action", on 20 October 1971. In 1975 the 1st Platoon of the 354th Ordnance Company became a part of the 646th QM CO. Addintinally on 15 Sept 1975, reorganization occured in which the 646th QM Company moved from Debois, PA to Camp Dawson in Kingwood, WV. On 20 July 1979, the First Platoon of the 646th QM Company was organized in Elkins, WV per pernament Order 92-1 HQ First US Army dated 19 July 1979. The Kingwood USAR Center was constructed in 1960 for the 1st Platoon 354th Ordnance Company. In 1963, the Ordnance Company moved to Camp Dawson. The Reserve Center was occupied by various groups between the time the uint left the Reserve Center and returned in 1981. The 646th QM Company was located at the Kingwood USAR Center from 1981 until the fall of 1995. During the fall of 1995, the 646th QM Company and the 328th QM Detachment relocated to the new Preston County USAR Center. In the Spring of 1995, the 1st Platoon 646th QM Co relocated to the new Elkins USAR Center in Beverly, WV. On 11 September the 646th QM Co was activated for Operation Desert Shild. The unit departed for it's mobilization station at Ft Lee, VA of 14 September 1990. The unit trained at Fort Lee for 30 days before departing for Saudi Arabia. From 11 November 1990 until the final elements of the unit pulled out of Saudi Arabia on 29 May 1991, it had constructed one of the worlds largest Tatical Petroleum Terminals in the theater of operations. The Logistics Base had more that 2 1/2 millions gallons of fuel on the ground at any given time. The unit received, stored, and issued over 101.5 million gallons of fuel. The unit received the Meritorious Unit Citation for it's service during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Calm.

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