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Histories for 328th Fighter Wing (AD) (ADC) RICHARDS-GEBAUR AFB, MISSOURI

26 Apr SAGE blockhouse (Joe Shaneyfelt)
I have current pics if Richards-Gebaur AFB and the SAGE blockhouse, etc. I'd like to get them on this site.
12 Sep Terry Boyer (Carrie Rivera)
This is Terry (Boyer?) from RGAFB
02 Apr patches (James Dillie)
patches for 328th and 326th fighter wing
04 Jun The Perfect Score
The photograph is showing Major General Thomas K. McGehee awarding Captain Jerry McMichaels The Air Force Commendation Medal for attaining a perfect score at the 1965 Weapons Meet held at Tyndall AFB, Florida. [+1 pictures ]
19 Mar Splashed The Target (deleted account)
Captains Ugianskis And Blandford Respond To The Results Of One Of The 326th's Aircraft During William Tell 1965 [+1 pictures ]
19 Mar 326 FIS Skywolves
This Is A Photograph Of One Of The F-102 Aircraft [+1 pictures ]
07 Feb TAIL INSIGNIA (Carl Wendt Jr.)
The tail insignia on the F-102s at Richards Gebaur. [+1 pictures ]
20 Sep Flight Line Maintenance Crew
The photograph shows crew chiefs and a flight chief assigned to F-102 aircraft. The alert hanger is in the background. [+1 pictures ]
16 Sep Captain Walker & Maintenance Personnel (Robert Johnson)
The photograph is showing my pilot Captain Walker and maintenance personnel while on temporary duty at Tyndell AFB, Florida October, 1965. [+1 pictures ]
09 Aug 328th Fighter Wing Lineage
The 328th Fighter Wing (AD) (ADC) was established and activated 28 Dec 1960. It was assigned to the Air Defense Command and organized 01 Feb 1961 at RGAFB, Missouri. From the assets of the 328th Fighter Group (ADC), the assigned tactical squadron was the 326th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (ADC).... More

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