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Histories for USS LOS ALAMOS AFDB-7

29 Jan 1969-1972 (Patrick Beckwith)
I was on the dock when it was dry dock outside of Gourock, I was a HT, and build the blocks for the subs to sit on. My name is Patrick Beckwith. I join up in Ireland. I took a few of my mates to Ireland to visit my family. I also had my wife from Ireland with me in Dunoon.
23 Aug New Cranes (Tony Marsico)
I was one of the Crane Operators. From 67-69. I was involved in the swap out
11 Mar USS Los Alamos AFDB-7 (Terry Bredeau)
The USS Los Alamos was NOT sold to the English Navy and it does NOT reside at any docks that they own. The Los Alamos was towed back to the USA in 1992 and was later sold to AmFels in Brownsville TX. They converted her into a different configuration and it still docks local craft but mostly big... More
21 Aug New Cranes put on Dry Dock (Marcello Rotunda)
I was on there when the New cranes were put on the Dry Dock also redid the mooring around the dock
19 Nov Last Crew (Donald Apted)
I was on the Los Alamos when they started closing the site down in Holy Loch. In Jan 92, I crossed deck the USS Simon Lake (AS-33). I saw the Heavy Lift come and take the Los Alamos away. We weren't told of where it might go, who might it. We were told it was to be moth balled back in the... More
29 Aug first crew (Gene Arthurs)
holiski em2 hallston bm2 martiens cook Lt. HOGGINDOTHHN
29 Aug some of the first crew (Gene Arthurs)
holiski en2 hallston bm2 binion martens cook Lthoggindothhn
11 Oct USS LOS ALAMOS (Gary Brinker)
11 Oct Photo's (Gary Brinker)
The Dry Dock
11 Oct Photos (Gary Brinker)
taken in Holy Lock Scotland

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