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Histories for Evreux-Fauville Air Base, France

322d Air Div Did It All
Stars and Stripes; August 17, 1960 322d Air Div Wins USAF Safety Prize EVREUX AIR BASE, FRANCE (Special)--- The 322d Air Div has received the semiannual Air Force Flying Safety Award for the second consecutive period of accident free flying for 1959. The award is the highest honor bestowed by the Air Force on units achieving a zero accident rate, officials said here. Maj Gen Harvey T. Alness, USAFE chief of staff, presented the plaque to Col. Tarleton H. Watkins, 322d commander, at ceremonies here. The same day the division was nominated for the third USAF Flying Safety Award for the first half of 1960. In addition to the semiannual USAF award, Alness presented to 322d the annual USAFE Flying Safety Award. A message from Maj Gen E. J. Tiberlake, vice-commander-in-chief, read: "Please accept my warmest congratulations. I wish to convey my feelings to all persons responsible for this outstanding flight safety achievement while accomplishing an operation mission." The 322d is the 16th unit in the Air Force to receive the USAF Flying Safety Award in consecutive periods since the award was first presented in 1948. In February of this year Timberlake handed 322d its first USAF Flying Safety Award for maintaining an unblemished flying record during the first half of 1959. At the February presentation Timberlake noted that it is an unusual feat for an organization as large as the 322d to go for an extended period without a flying accident. During the first half of 1959, 322d aircreaft flew40,275 hours and traveled more than 20 million miles. Taking the second USAF Flying Safety Award, the division in the last half of 1959 transported 44,000 passengers in support of USAF and NATO activities. In the same period this combat cargo unit flew more than 21 million ton miles. The division's working territory stretches from Norway to North Africa and from the Atlantic to India, a territory six times greater than the U.S. Aircraft assigned to the division include C130s, C131s, C119s, C121s, C54s and C47s. Among other responsibilities, the 322d Air Div is charged with aeromedical evacuation for the entire Europe-Africa-Middle East area. Stars and Stripes; July 27, 1960 As AF Planes Keep Flying EVREUX AIR BASE, FRANCE (Special)--- Airlift records continue to fall as new marks are established each time a U.S. Air Force transport completes another flight to the Congo in support of United Nations forces. The maze of charts, logs and status boards surrounding the bustling control center at 322d Air Div Hq here shows every category growing hourly. The C124 and C130 cargo transports have completed delivery of more than 2.6 million pounds of supplies and equipment and 6,330 troops from seven different nations. Still programmed are an additional 5,000 troops from six nations and more than 344 tons of support equipment. Since the beginning of the operation ten days ago, USAF aircraft have operated in 13 different countries. These have included France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Togo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mali, Egypt, Liberia, Ghana and Guinea. Attempting to estimate the number of miles or hours flown to date is next to impossible. Best guesses are 1 1/2 to two million miles. In the center of the overall activity here is Col Tarleton H. Watkins, of Corpus Christi, Tex., commander of the 322d Air Div.

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