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Histories for 354th TFW Myrtle Beach AFB, S.C.

354 TFW History
Lineage Established as 354th Fighter-Day Wing on 26 Sep 1956. Activated on 19 Nov 1956. Redesignated: 354th Tactical Fighter Wing on 1 Jul 1958; 354th Fighter Wing on 1 Oct 1991. Inactivated on 31 Mar 1993. Activated on 20 Aug 1993. Assignments Ninth Air Force, 19 Nov 1956; Twelfth Air Force, 1 Jul 1960; Ninth Air Force, l Jan 1962; 833d Air Division, 1 Oct 1964; Fifth Air Force, 5 Jul 1968 (attached to 4th Tactical Fighter Wing, 5?24 Jul 1968; Detachment 1, HQ Fifth Air Force [Fifth Air Force ADVON], 25 Jul 1968?14 Jun 1970); Ninth Air Force, 15 Jun 1970?31 Mar 1993 (attached [as HQ 354th TFW (Advanced)] to Thirteenth Air Force, and further attached for control to Seventh Air Force, 14 Oct 1972?18 May 1974). Eleventh Air Force, 20 Aug 1993?. Stations Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, 19 Nov 1956?2 Jul 1968; Kunsan AB, South Korea, 2 Jul 1968?14 Jun 1970; Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, 15 Jun 1970?31 Mar 1993. Eielson AFB AK, 20 Aug 1993?. Aircraft RF?80, 1956?1957; F?100, 1957?1969; H?21, 1959?1960; F?4, 1969?1970; T/AT?33, 1970?1976; A?7, 1970?1978; A?10, 1977?1992. Operations Replaced the 342d Fighter-Day Wing in Nov 1956. Switched from fighter-day to Fighter-bomber training in Jul 1958. From Jul 1958 through Apr 1966, had one or more squadrons constantly deployed overseas. During the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, part of the wing manned a provisional air division at McCoy AFB, FL. During the Dominican Republic crisis of 1965, the 354th deployed more than 400 people and 18 F?lOOs to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, and San Isidro AB, Dominican Republic. The conflict in Southeast Asia drained wing strength; one squadron moved to Japan in Nov 1965, another to Spain in Apr 1966, and another to South Vietnam in Aug 1966, leaving the wing with a single flying unit. This last squadron moved to South Vietnam in Apr 1968. The mobilized ANG 113th TFW moved to Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, in Apr 1968, absorbing resources of the 354th. The 354th had no units and existed primarily on paper until it moved to South Korea in early Jul 1968 to replace the 4th TFW. There, it was remanned primarily by ANG people on active duty under 4th TFW control. When the 4th TFW departed, the 354th assumed active F?100 operations. Its two ANG squadrons returned to the United States in Jun 1969, and for 10 days in South Korea the wing was again without tactical components. Several rotational squadrons provided the needed tactical force after this brief lapse. On 14 Jun 1970, the 354th passed its resources to the 54th TFW and returned to the United States without personnel or equipment, absorbing resources of the 4554th TFW at Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. Charged with T/AT?33 combat crew training and with becoming proficient with A?7 aircraft; on 10 Oct 1972 the wing split into Advance and Rear echelons; the Advance element moved to Thailand and commenced combat operations in Southeast Asia on 16 Oct 1972. Interdicted lines of communications to halt the flow of North Vietnamese supplies to enemy units in the South; provided close air support to ground troops; and escorted surface ship convoys up the Mekong River to Phnom Penh. Continued combat in Vietnam until mid-Jan 1973, in Laos until 22 Feb 1973, and in Cambodia until 15 Aug 1973. The split-wing status continued until 23 May 1974; during this period, tactical units rotated between Thailand and the United States. Recombined at Myrtle Beach, the 354th continued routine A?7 operations until 1977, when it converted to A?10 aircraft. Participated in numerous tactical exercises in both the United States and overseas, focusing primarily on training for world contigencies. Elements of this wing participated in operations in Southwest Asia, 15 Aug 1990?25 Mar 1991, inflicting heavy damage to Iraqi armor and artillery emplacements, as well as cutting off enemy supply lines.

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