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Histories for 8th Civil Engineer Squadron "Red Devils"

25 Jan Best in the Air Force!!!! (Jose Mata)
Congratulations to the 2002-2003 Ready Devils for being named "Best Readiness Flight in the Air Force"!! Shit, Hot, Hooah! (Mata, xD1)
18 Oct Ready Devils Win PACAF Reimer Award! (Jose Mata)
Congratulations to the 2002-2003 Ready Devils for earning the Reimer Award for PACAF meaning they are the "Best Readiness Flight in PACAF"!! These Ready Devils are Capt Michael "DragonSlayer" Zuhlsdorf, MSgt Mark Atlow, MSgt Greg Wilson, TSgt Tim Demody, TSgt TJ Nunn, SSgt David Greenwell, SSgt... More
05 Aug 1988 Wolfpack ORI RRR (John Mogge)
This ORI for the "pack" was the first of a series of Chem Bio tests designed to determine the breaking point of the PACAF civil engineer rapid runnway repair capability. At that time, BG (Select) and PACAF Engineer Jim MCCarthy ordered his IG engineer Lt Col John Estes to "run the devils untill... More
15 Jun Updated Lore of the CE Red Devils (Jose Mata)
All of you grab your stoutest ale or nectar of choice and sit back to listen to the "Lore of the CE Red Devils". As the self appointed bard of Devil-1, I comests to relate to you days of old and inspire you with tales of courageous people doing deeds of awe, glory and splendor. First, let us... More
08 Jun Number #1 in the AF! (Jose Mata)
CE Red Devils were recently named "Best in the AF" for the implementation of the new Counter-Chemical CONOPS! Great credit goes to the Readiness Red Devils led by Capt Zuhlsdorf and MSgt Atlow, as well as the senior leadership guidance & support from Col Tim Byers, GP/CC and BG(s) Guy Dahlback,... More
05 Jun Red Devil Spirit...in Coins (Jose Mata)
No one comes close to exemplifying the spirit of the Red Devils...and what better way to gauge it than the number of coins we have. The Squadron now has 15 coins! They are: 1-Red Devil; 2-Commander; 3-Dirt Boys; 4-Readiness; 5-Housing; 6-Fire; 7-EOD; 8-EA; 9-Water Boys; 10-Power Pro; ... More
02 Jun 2003 - CE Stakeholders Report (Jose Mata)
As a Combat Support unit, Red Devils lived up to our legacy. We did more in one year than most bases do in 3 years! Our skills didn't just maintain the base, but we used our skills and talents to increase the lethality, survival, and operational capabilities of our Combat Wing. As our... More
19 May Record-Setting Web Membership (Jose Mata)
We've taken our web page on Military.com from 32 to 104 members! The legacy continues!!! D1 (Mata)
11 May Devil Shirt 98-99 ( )
Yes Hats on the bar will cost you big! Loved drinking the "O" beer. Best beer in town. Never will I serve a greater warfighting unit than the 8th Civil Engineers. Hugs to all Top
06 May Red Devils Rock! (Jose Mata)
2002-2003 has been a banner year. Here's a little taste of why Red Devils ROCK!!: **We completed 26 projects for a total of $36.4M for the Wing (we have 49 in-progress!) **We completed (so far) 12,218 job orders and 954 work orders spending over $3.3M **We became AF's #1 priority for... More

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