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Histories for 8th Civil Engineer Squadron "Red Devils"

Red Devils Rock!
2002-2003 has been a banner year. Here's a little taste of why Red Devils ROCK!!: **We completed 26 projects for a total of $36.4M for the Wing (we have 49 in-progress!) **We completed (so far) 12,218 job orders and 954 work orders spending over $3.3M **We became AF's #1 priority for dorms (we were previously #14) getting 17 new dorms! **We responded to 297 fire emergencies from IFE's & medical to alarm activations **We put in almost 5-month's worth of manpower into fixing spalls on the runway (normally on weekends and in the wee-hours) **We made major improvements in hazardous material management while eliminating/correcting 70% of the ESOHCAMP finding **We were the 1st in the AF to fully implement the AF's new Counter-Chemical CONOP **We developed & even translated the 1st ATSO Guide in the AF to employ the new C-CW CONOP **Trained 2,700 US and 350 ROKAF **Fought for and got PACAF to count our wartime strength, not peacetime population to determine how much personnel sheltering we need (the Wolf Pack is now getting a new $550K shelter) **We moved over 800 people in a single day! **Met COMPACAF'S unit integrity goal of 95% and then beat it (we're at 97%)! **Went from #7 to #3 in all of PACAF! (out of 9) **We responded to 58 hung-ordnance, suspicous packages and tasked to support 2 DV visits in the PACOM AOR **We also responded to 57 major utility outages from water to electricity (most happened on either Friday or during holiday weekends) **We blew the ORI away!! **We run the best hootch on Peninsula! **We have the highest number of people that want to join us, but were not blessed withour AFSC **We are the most professional because despite having the MOST dangerous jobs on base (from electricity & power saws to bomb and fires) we had 1 safety incident all year---and it was minor **And most importantly, we continue to be the ONLY Squadron that wear red t-shirts w/ BDUs, has red jackets for PT, and has a SurfBoard that is the envy of ALL!!! God Bless each of you & Best wishes to all as you go and live the Legend! Devil-1 (Mata)

Posted by Jose Mata
May 06 2003 06:12:38:000AM

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