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Histories for Naval Station: Keflavik, Iceland

17 Dec NSGA Keflavik (Ray Hahn)
1971 to 1973 NSGA CTM2 Ray Hahn, LTCDR Kampen was CO. Memories of Chief McNutt, Steve Hale, Al Ekker, Ben Joiner, Al Turner, Doug Pederson. Fang.. Lots of horizontal rain...
24 Jul H-2 Site (Tom Nixon)
I was stationed with the Navy on H-2 Site from 1963 to early 1964. I understand the sites are gone now but that was a really strange year! A bunch of C-47's supplied us with necessities and an Icelandic cutter brought big supplies twice a year. The site was on top of a 936' mountain and we had... More
03 Sep Commissary Store Keflavik (Jim Caraher)
Assigned to Commissary 1967 -1968 (18 MOS), Worked hard, played hard. Remember when we working 16 -20 hrs a day, and tryed to get help from the Brig, Marines said they didn't have anyone on hard labor at the time.......no help. Remember we had so many CPO's and PO1's, we started trading them for... More
10 May NSGA Keflavik (Bonnie Shover)
Long gone now....but tons of memories.
20 May VP-26 Tridents (Chris Schaffer)
Was there from May 1982 until December 1982 with Brad Jewell and the rest. Billy D. Wheeler in AIMD and TSC boys topside. clschaffer@hotmail.com
19 Apr 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (Jerry Miller)
I was in the Air Force at Keflavik in 1968/1969 Rushhhha@hotmail.com..... Does anyone remember the 102's Duces/Tubs. How about the "Scat Shack" It's been a long time.
15 Jun FASron 107 1959-1961
Has time erased the history of this squadron located in the "land to sheeps--t and lava dust"? The memories of the midnight baseball games in summer and carrying a flashlight during the day in winter! Fond memories of the local milk that only was drinkable when cold, but unapproachable when at... More

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