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Histories for Naval Support Activity: Cua Viet, Republic of Vietnam

08 Sep Navy Salvage Divers (Mike Engle)
I was rotated in and out of Cua Viet fro NSA Da Nang 67-68. I was an MM2 DV2 9992833 Michael Engle from Abilene Kansas
23 Feb swartz (RICHARD SCHWARZ)
remember the fuel farm getting hit they fired 4 or 5 rounds one hit com bunker, one hit fuel bladders one hit ramp and one killed a sea bee on a dozer that then ran into a hootch
30 Dec cau viet 67 (Harold Roberts)
would love to tell you about the real group
07 Dec cua viet (Richard rottman)
I was a radioman stationed at cua viet 67 and 68 . Rich Rottman richr77@bresnan.net
26 Jun feb 19, 1968 (Terry Bisson)
I sure do remember that hit. It was during that same incoming event that our hooch took a direct hit, collapsed our bunker, and another hooch further back from the beach got hit, too. I was the Yeoman, and had just turned 19.
12 Oct cua viet feb. 19 1968 (Richard rottman)
Does anyone remember this date when an artillary shell hit the fuel dump behind our camp.
24 Aug duck pond (Mike Beaver)
i have read that book or i should say i was honored to read that book. other books written about that war and our place and job and type of boats. the lcm8's and 6's were at best very wrong. bob told the truth sometimes not shinning a light on some war story that was not real but instead showing... More
08 Jun 'The Duck Pond' (Bob Johnston)
I'm also the guy that wrote the only book/history about the 8-Boats in Nam.
26 Feb NSA DaNang Navy Salvage Diver (Mike Engle)
I worked with one other team member at the Cua Viet base repairing boats under water. 68-Mar 69. Mike Engle MM2 Diver 2nd.
22 Nov Amtrac in the surf! (Eddie Roberts)
I watched as he got his heel cut off!

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