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Histories for Naval Air Facility: Lajes, Azores Islands, Portugal

29 Jun Operation Nicklegrass, Arab/Israel war 1974 (Judson Doyle)
Was stationed at NAF Lajes from 1972 to 1974 and was there during the Arab Israeli war that broke out during Yom Kippur and NAF Lajes was the center of activity for supplies going to Israel. Was an exciting time for those of us that were stationed on the other side of the world from Vietnam. We... More
18 Sep 6th NR NAF Lajes 0473 Reunion (Mark Douglass)
This year we had about 14 members show! I was really a small turn out. But we have a group that still like together. I hope that more personnel show for the 7th Lajes reunion.
19 Sep 5th Annual Lajes Reunion (Mark Douglass)
About 35 members showed at the last reunion. Nola Webster is the new co-ordinator for the 6th Lajes Reunion.
10 Nov 4th Annual Lajes Reunion - Michigan (Mark Douglass)
25 Members showed for the 4th NAF Lajes Reunion in Woodhaven, Michigan. I hope more will show at the 2005 in July.
22 Sep 3rd NR NAF Lajes Reunion (Mark Douglass)
Well, weather was great. We had some new members show. Capt. Mike McMichael, Capt. Glen Boston, Bill Geiger, Minotte Grow, John Leighton CWO Maurice Williamson and 34 shipmates from last years reunion. We need more shipmates to attend, any answers. Please contact Mark Douglass... More
23 Sep 2nd Annual Lajes 0473 Reunion - 2002 (Mark Douglass)
There we a total of 33 members that show up at this reunion. We hope that more will show up at the 2003 David Hasho Annual Lajes Reunion. Here are some of the personnel that so up. Tim Marsh,Scheran Newell, Will Newell, Chuch McMahan,Russ Desserich,Al Susick,Connie Brace, Connie Pelow,... More
23 Sep NAF LAJES 0473 - 1st Reunion (Mark Douglass)
These are some of the personnel at the first reunion. Pete Haile,Tom Marsh,Lou Ross, Smokey Rogers, Skip Kelly, Al Susick,Nola Webster,Graig McQuat, Marge Hubbard,Bob Zuccaro, Claude LePendu,Connie Pelow,Walt Setters, Scheran Newell,William Newell, James Swanson,Cherly... More
21 Sep 1sT Lajes Reunion - Woodhaven (Mark Douglass)
1st Lajes Reunion in Woodhaven Michigan - Total 55 Members. [+1 pictures ]
01 Feb Party On (Mark Douglass)
Party On
01 Feb Famous Parties (Mark Douglass)
Part of the Wrecking Crew.

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