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Histories for VAH-13/RVAH-13 : Heavy Attack Squadron 13

01 Feb Squadron Parties (Kevin Mc inerney)
GOD!!! what great Parties we had every Friday the 13th with the "Bats", and continued at the "Bamboo Room" downtown until the wee hours of the morning.I hung around with Stosh Parzych, Gus Scheman,Mike McBride.....and after a few .50 cent tequillas, we became the dancing trio of Stosh,Mac &... More
18 Jan USS ranger,RVAH-13.. (Michael Hodson)
it was my first duty assignment after a school.i flew to PI,met up with the bats..i remember tom hollis,i had the pleasure of working under him compartment cleaning on several occasions..also in key west..i worked with don lear, mickey hendrickson,mike broulette,jim parks, in the ame shop
28 Nov USS Ranger cruise with RVAH-13 (Tom Hollis)
I also was was on this cruise, I think 1974, was in charge of Berthing area...AS2 Hollis...can't remember too many names...Jim Ready was one...wish I could...contact me at Mackleg69@Yahoo.com
30 Jul WestPac Cruise Viet Nam 1972-1973 (Kris Billingsley)
AQ3 in the ASB12 shop with Chief Postak. I ended up woring in IntMaint on the Verdan computer. Some guys there were Joe Bocheck(sp) from Buffalo NY(he always got newspapers). "Rat", Bob Jenrette from Henderson NC. PJ from Dallas and other faces that don't have names anymore.
24 Jan The birth of BATRON 13 (Charlie Slee)
In April of '60, fresh out of AQB A school, I checked into VAH-7 as an AQBAN. After two months I was sent to 3rd Crewman Training at VAH-3 as a 3rd Class, returning to 7 in Sept of '60. In May of '61 the squadron was split with half going on the CVA-65 round the world cruise. The other half,... More
31 Oct RVAH-13 from 1971-1974 (Jack Frye)
Joined "The Bats" in 1971, I was the tech. librarian until we deployed on the Ranger, then went to Air ops. Got out 12/74. I had one hell of a time.
16 Sep RVAH-13 (Gregory Simpson)
I was in RVAH-13 as an AE2 '68-'71. Transferred to VA-42 in '71. Changed rate to AQ. Discharged in 1975. Made AQC in USNR. Left the Reserves in ''79. Contact me at gwsimpson@verizon.net
30 Mar The beginning of VAH-13 (The Bats) (Jerry Lefrois)
VAH-13 Plank Owner Fresh out of Navy "A" school in Memphis, TN., I received orders to report to C/O, Heavy Attack Squadron Thirteen (VAH-13) at NAS Sanford, FL. It was about 9pm on a cool fall night in 1960. The duty officer, (OOD) was very confused as he told me there was no such squadron as... More
19 Jan RVAH 13 (John Manuse)
I was on the USS America on 1968 with heavy 13. I was an AE 2, in the electric shop,Yankee Station. Got out Oct. 69. Send me an e mail John Manuse
30 Jun rvah13 1967-70 (Ivan Mcqueen)

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