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Histories for VA-85 : Attack Squadron 85

22 Aug Buckeye was the call name of the squadron ( )
In 1966 I was a flight deck troubleshooter (AT) and did many radio checks . "Buckeye 501 to Pawtucket tower radio check" The Kitty Hawk was "Pawtuckett
03 Feb Line Crew (Robert Moore)
In the line crew on the America and Connie. Would like to hear from anyone, enlisted/officers. E-mail: rmoore0418@hotmail.com
06 Mar January 1970 (Chuck Griffith)
January 11, 1970, I flew from Da Nang Vietnam to the USS Constellation CV-64 while it was in the Tonkin Gulf to become part of VA-85's AQ Shop. I made the two cruises on the USS Forrestal CV-59 working in AIMD. I also attended Grumman A-6E AIMD training on Long Island N.Y. I also attended A-6E AIMD... More
03 Dec Kittyhawk & America (Bradford Weiss)
Two tours in Gulf of Tonkin. Yankee Station & Dixie station. We were part of the last sorties flown over North Viet-Nam In 1968 when Johnson stopped the bombing in the north hope for a peace agreement in Paris. We made the Maiden Around The World Crusie on The America, which now is gone, as is... More
17 Aug Hello Harold Pelton (Rick Dane)
I was with the squadron from 1983-1986. The squadron's official name was the Black Falcons, radio call sign was the Buckeyes. We called the symbol a screaming eagle s----ing a pine cone. Nice to hear from former Black Falcons
05 Feb nam (Walter Miller)
with va85 jan 1966to feb 1970
31 Oct amh3 (Cyril Johnson)
would like to here from anyone.sept57--june59
21 Jan vetam (Walter Miller)
22 Oct My Duty Stations (James Gregerson)
Aviation Electron Technician West Pac USS Benington HS-8 Ream Field, 1964 B School Memphis, TN NAS Oceana, VA West Pac Kitty Hawk VA-85 NAS Jacksonville, FL NAS Keflavic, Iceland NAS Quonset Point, RI Left Service 1970 Would like to find Ken Maynard, from WV Ted Pavlovich, Bill... More
06 Jun VA-85 birds aboard USS Kitty Hawk 1967 (Douglas Rauch)
Picture of VA-85 birds aboard the USS Kitty Hawk 1967 Doug Rauch

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