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Histories for VA-25/VFA-25 : Attack Squadron 25

27 May Va25 (Matt Long)
79-81 Ad3 Matt long Rockyyy3@live.com
23 Dec va-25 (John Tsombakos)
med, cruises , cuba. arctic circle. sky raiders..ad-4--1950-1954 my squardron.. john tsombakos.....baron7@townisp.com
22 May CDR. Leone was he co of fist of the fleet (Jimmie Veazey)
I was an AD2 when i wasw in va25. Iretired a MS1 .Was cdr leone co pf the squadron for 81-82 cruise? Plus i would welcome any E-mails from shipmates at jimsherri_veazey@yahoo.com
02 Jan We almost erased Midway hanger. (Rod Jackson)
During our beach det. in 82 we had several truck loads of 2000lb. bombs stacked two high, strung out along the flight line. All had been fused and readied to load when somebody decided to remove and straighten a tail assembly. Somehow a rear safely wire was pulled out. The timing mechanism was... More
15 Jun MACH-1 (Vaughn Wilder)
In 1982 Cdr. Noodles Leone and Lt. Kid Rivall flew a TA-4 from VA-127, through the one hanger bay door and out the other breaking the sound barrier in the Rangers hanger bay. Both pilots were assigned to VA-25 at the time, even though the squadron was flying A-7E's
09 Nov F/A-18A (Lot 6) FIRST "HORNET" CRUISE
Commanding Officer: CDR John C. Leslie, Jr Executive Officer: Jerry Arbiter Assigned to CVW-14, USS Constellation (CV-64)
04 Aug Attack Squadron 25, (VA-25) West Pac, CAG-2 (David Benson)
1963-64 Far East Cruise abord the USS MIDWAY, CVA-41
04 Aug Douglas Aircraft, A1H & A1J (AD-6 & 7) (David Benson)
The last combat reciprocating engine, prop driven aircraft in the US Navy, retired as a kind in 1969. Last unit VA-25.
02 Aug Douglas Aircraft, A1H & A1J (AD-6 & 7) (David Benson)
Did you know that VA-25 is the only recorded unit flying a prop driven aircraft to shoot down a MIG aircraft. LCDR Greathouse, mid 1960's, Vietnam, flying off the U.S.S. Midway, CVA-41

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