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Histories for USS Sperry - AS 12

17 Nov Mk. 37 Torpedo Shop (Donald Yager)
I was in the Mk. 37 Torpedo shop in 1972 and 1973, working with Jack Straight, Russ Dickson, Larry Tatro, Jim Stacey and others. I'd like to hear from any of the guys I used to work with.
09 Dec TM3 Frank Greene (Peter Greene)
My name is Peter Greene. My father, Frank Knox Greene, served on the USS Sperry some time between 1957 and 1960. He died in service while I was an infant and I never got to know him. I just got a copy of his DD214 which didn't shed much light on his life or his death. I'm wondering if there... More
16 Dec Steam Torpedo Shop (Danny Rider)
I reported aboard Sperry early 1953 from the Long Beach Group Pacific Reserve Fleet where I had been helping recommission Fletcher Class Destroyers. I had just made third class prior to reporting but had no experiance with steam torpedoes as yet. I was assigned to the steam shop and to the... More
07 Dec MN & TM (Kenneth Pratt)
I served on the Sperry from 1958 to May 1960. I worked in the forward Torpedo shop, I was a MN3, and worked with TM's Bergman, Heron, Smith, Asher and a few others. I would like to connect with anyone aboard the Sperry at that time. - Ken G. Pratt email: kgpratt@charter.net
05 Aug USS Serry AS-12 (Jim Peyton)
I served aboard the Sperry in Ballast Point in San Diego CA from 1965/67. During this period she ran aground on the Columbia River on her way to the Pacific from the Portland Rose Festival. Is there anyone out there who served aboard during this time?
26 Jan Torpedo bay Mar.1972 10 days to Pearl Harbor (Wayne King)
I was sent from Pearl Harbor to Sperry for a return trip to Pearl Harbor. I was TM2 working with TM1 Jimmy J in the torpedo bay. Does anyone remember the trip and the drunken party at the EM Club the Captain had for us. Please email me at riitools@yahoo.com Tm2Wayne King.
22 Mar softball (Davis Bartlett)
i was aboard when ship won world softball tournament with a kid named lynch pitching.also aboard when we took a load of dependants of sub floatila to pearl.still looking for my buddy e.m.giblin,(sm) ...dave bartlett
26 Jan uss sperry ( Warren Gilbert)
i was also on the sperry when we hit the mountain. an experience i'll never forget. i had just gone to sleep after a great time at the rose festival. plenty of women, great town. it was very shocking to look out and see a highway. we were the talk of the navy for some time. i was on the... More
15 Feb Grounding in the Columbia River (Mike Alexander)
The Sperry was my first ship. I went from boot camp to A school, to the Sperry, having to report 2 days before Christmas in 1966. I was a fireman apprentice who got sent to work with the boatswains mates for three months because there was an overabundance of snipes on the Sperry. It took... More
20 Jan My Father - Maiden Voyge to 1945 (Don Holden)
My Father, Robert Holden was on board for her Maiden voyge and for most of the war. During that time he courted my mother via US Mail and returned home to Pueblo, CO to marry her after the war. Dad died a little over two years ago. I salute the men who served at this time and later aboard this... More

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