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Histories for USS Gen George M. Randall - AP 115

21 Sep I Sailed on the Maiden Voyage of the General (Elliott Jacobs)
I sailed on the Maiden Voyage of the General George M Randall, along with 5,000 others. We embarked on 23 May 1944 via POE Camp Patrick Henry, Newport News, VA with the band playing, “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Arrived in Colon, Panama Canal on 27 May 1944. Docked that night in Balboa, on the... More
10 Jan i was in "R" div.worked for p.o/renolds ( )
i remember the mine,some one tried with an m1 first then the 20mm,but i do not remember it exploding.
13 Oct bridge spots a mine in the pacific (stan wisniewski)
im going to say june 1953approx 0500 the bridge spotted a ww 11 mine about five days out of sanfrancisco'the ship circled the mine and used their 20 mmand 40mm guns to blow up the mine. I was a officer and woke up toall the action as the mine was destroyed we preceded to yokohama
20 Apr Ancient Order of the Deep (correction) ( )
The eclipse was solar and not lunar.
17 Apr Ancient Order of the Deep ( )
This is based on notes recorded by my dad, Willie Lee Burtchette, serving in the Army Air Force during WWII. He left Camp Anza, California by train to the Wilmington area port in Los Angeles where he departed on 12/19/1944 aboard the USS Gen George M. Randall in route to India for service in the... More
23 Mar The Collision Of the Randall (Richard Highsmith)
I remember it well.I was on the bow when the collision happen.We were hit on the starboard side just past the spare anchor.We where in drydock next to the Stockholm.In Hoboken NJ.Richard Highsmith SN
14 May N.Y. Harbor COLLISION Of USS Randall TAP-115 (Nick Aportadera)
While underway from NSD , Bayonne,New Jersey to Brooklyn, Army Terminal at around 1400 hr. snowing and a light fog the SS American Steel Reporter was passingport side to portside the ship came in contact with each other. The Randall suffered a gush about 40 feet long between the main deck and below... More
15 Mar SHOOK the HANDS of the King - Aboard Sept. 58 (Nick Aportadera)
On USS Randall's voyage to Bremerhaven, Germany on Sept. 1958, when Elvis Presley and his Army unit was shipped out to Germany, I did met him aboard the ship, while he was assigned compartment cleaner of NCO quarter, and shook his hands. He did performed at the ship's Vareity Show as a piano... More
18 Oct USS Gen. George M Randall (Mr C.)
Served in the Korean era. It took a group over and landed in Pusan on March 5, 1951. Then went to Japan and was the first ship to take back to the states a group of KIA's.
18 Feb My first trip on a ship: (Everett Henson)
I may or June 1945 I boarded the 115 with a full load of sailers an went under the Golden Gate bridge as the sun was going down and we had spaghetti for supper and I wondered why there was so many 55 galon drums wer in the passageways but it wasant long before I knew. It was years before I could... More

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