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Histories for USS Gen H. W. Butner - AP 113

16 Jun Early Beginnings (Carl Villarreal)
My parents and older sister transitted from Pearl Harbor to San Francisco aboard the USS General H.W. Butner AP 113 in the summer of 1951. Dad was an active-duty PO 3rd Class sailor and had just finished 2 tours back-to-back in Pearl Harbor, during which time he met my mother (Hawaii native), dated... More
03 Oct USS Hodges storm (Allen Hesson)
We left Bremerhaven, Germany in January, 1953 loaded with returning GIs. The first night, we sailed through the English channel & when we woke that morning, the Captain announced that we were making good time with good weather & smooth sailing predicted. He predicted that we might set a crossing... More
16 Jun SFO to San Pedro Bay Philippines 1945 (Eric Lucas)
My grandfather was aboard the USS General H.W.Butner from mid-Feb 1945 to mid-Mar 1945. He was one of about 5000 guys being taken from SFO to the Philippines. I have copies of the War Diary from the ship in that time period, if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to email you copies. If you... More
20 Jan The Butner Bulleton (Frank Johnson)
I have 7 copies of the ship news paper sailing from New York to SouthhamptonMarch 1, 1955 to March 7, 1955. I spent the next two years at Wathersfield RAF Station in England. Frank Johnson Melbourne, FL
16 Jan Served on Butner (Erich Kassler)
USAF Intelligence NCO-Served in Mediterranean from Italy to Turkey on Butner. Car Shipped from Germany to US in 1960 on Butner. Later Served in USNR as NIS Agent.
16 Aug Sailed on Gen Butner in 1944 (cambiz baher)
our family emigrated from iran and sailed from bombay to melbourne and then to san pedro, california arriving 6 october 1944. i was 3 years old at the time. my mother, now 96, would like any information from crew regarding that voyage and if any have recollections of us. thanks. c.c baher... More
02 Dec Christmas 1952 (Pat Ratcliff)
A Special Medal to military spouses. My mother escorted three girls (ages 3, 6 me, 9) aboard the USS Butner in December 1952. It took us 18 days. Mom told us that Santa would come when we got to France and met Daddy. I remember a helicopter landing with Santa somewhere along the way. We left... More
12 Jan Dependent on the USS Butner (Charles Gentry)
I was five years old in 1960 when my mother, Ann, my brother, Giles, Jr. and my sister, Terrill sailed from NYC to Germany aboard the USS Butner to join my father Giles D. Gentry, Sr., US Army, stationed in Hanau, Germany. I still have a certificate from the experience signed by the Captain. ... More
21 Nov Dad sailed on Butner 7/25/44 to CBI Theater (Robert Bursian)
On 7/25/44 the 329th, 330th, 331st and 332nd Airdrome Squadrons of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group (10th AAF) departed Camp Anza in Arlington, CA for "an overseas destination". Also on board the Butner was Merrill's Marauders relief; the Mars Task Force. According to the official squadron history by 1st... More
22 Apr Sailed on Gen Butner in 1944 (Paul Braga)
I sailed on the USS Gen Butner when I was a 4-1/2 years old, part of a group being repatriated from Bombay to San Pedro in 1944. During the voyage we were attacked by aircraft and I watched a quad 40 firing at the attackers, until a couple of nurses dragged me off, after a bit of a struggle. ... More

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