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Histories for USS Arcturus - AF 52

18 Dec Cook (Larry Williams)
Came aboard the USS Arcturus 1963. Was there for 3 years under Chief Price in the Galley. Made several Med cruises and loved them all. We had a very tight ship, J.D. Jones, Ragcliff, Lovell, Taravella, D.Mount and many many more that this ole fart (now 70) wishes he could remember. Lets have... More
18 Jun Arcturus ( )
I reported in Jan 71 made 5 or 6 Med cruises. Nickname was Guru EM-3
09 Apr Plank Owners (Peter Kober)
I was one ofthe Plank Owners spent the fall and early winter in New Your first in Rekstay then on the Arcturus Remember Lt Daley and Shorty The Backer no one could make bread like him. If any one wants to email Pete Kober (SNAKE)pakober@charter.net
24 Sep 1st ships reunion September 19 to 21 2008 (Dennis Mount)
This was our first ships reunion. We had a total of 28 shipmates and 19 spouses and 1 son and 1 grandson. This shipmates came from 16 States. A specical thanks to Erwin Sefton, he got us on the Crusier Leyette Gulf GC 55. We plan to have a reunion every year.
09 Aug Med Cruise(s) (Ed Anderson)
I reported to the Arc in early 68 and made 3 Med Cruises with the usual ports and had a great time in all of them. A Division handled the cooling systems and support machinery. I worked with a bunch of good guys who did their jobs and had fun doing it. I remember the JFK's on the helo deck and... More
13 Mar IN THE BEGINNING (Samuel Mckowen)
The USS ARCTURUS was my first assignment out of boot camp, upon arrival the USS ARCTURUS was then named S.S. GOLDEN EAGLE that was in 1961. in the navy yard at brooklyn n.y. We did our drinking at the marine barracks only once for me once was enough for me . Is seems we ran agrounnd the first time... More
14 Jun Arcatoo '71 till the end. (Charles Shaver)
After boot camp in Orlando in 1971, I took my leave to spend a couple weeks at home. My first duty station was the USS Arcturus AF-52. I arrived home from boot camp on a Thursday and on Saturday, I got a phone call from someone on the ship. He told me that the ship was sailing for the Med. on... More

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