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Histories for USS Lowry - DD 770

20 Oct IF YOU HAVE THE SKYPE NETWORK, (Broadus Brickey)
I just enjoy talking to people on my skype network, as all you need is a video camera and mike hooked up to your computer, they don't cost much, but some lap top computers has them already mounted, so my e-mail is skydiver74@att.net and skype is bbcycleman -- waiting
05 Feb U.S.S. Lowry D.D.770 (Broadus Brickey)
My name is Broadus Brickey and I was on the Lowry from 1952 to 1956 and now I have a new e-mail address and here it is skydiver74@att.net so if you were on that ship during this time, then I would like to hear from you, Thanks.
22 Sep Korean Metal, (Broadus Brickey)
My friend has got his Korean Metal, as he was on the same ship that I was, but now Iam 72 years old and I never did get my Korean Metal, as he said that he did not ask for it, as it just came in the mail one day. e-mail me at navygm3@yahoo.com Broadus Brickey
16 Mar Operation Crossroads-Bikini Atoll (Sam Phillips)
The Lowry participated in the atomic bomb tests in July of 1946. We were involved in test Baker, the underwater blast, an experience that will last forever. This was the worlds 5th atomic explosion.
05 Dec U.S.S. Lowry D.D.770 (Broadus Brickey)
My name is Broadus BrickeyGM3 and I was on the Lowry from 1952 to 1956 and went on a world cruise in 1954 and we had duty off of the coast of Korea and we had a red alert on the island of Formosa and went steaming there that night and got there early the next morning, but they had settled there... More
09 Apr USS Lowry - DD 770 (Walter Coin)
My brother Charles was in the U.S. Navy and he was assigned to the USS Lowry DD770 He was in the Box 51 went it happen ....my web site is http://www.coinfamily.net and take a look at all the Engineer Company that went in to Iraq View the LOWRY Guestbook Page 7 of 28 Saturday... More

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