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Histories for USS Wasp - CVS 18

05 Apr Wasp Fire (Gene Maddox)
I was a young rookie on the Wasp from 57-60 and wonders if anybody remembers the Helo squadron that caught fire in the #1 hangar bay and destroyed the entire squadron. We chopped holes in the wooden deck and ran hoses down, as well as manning hoses in the hangar itself. Despite the firefighting... More
07 May ken russell dwer ( )
07 May ken russell dwer ( )
08 Mar Denman Jarvis - Denny ( )
8 March 2005 I entered active service in July of 1963 and went to a processing center, in Philadelphia, Pa., I believe, and was then sent to duty aboard USS Wasp (CVS-18) where I served until release from active service in July of 1965. During this time I served in the Captain's as a yeoman... More
27 Sep aboard the wasp 61-63 (Danny Howard)
When I came aboard the Uss. Wasp in 61 it was quite an experience being 18 years old. The ship looked so large. Over the two years there were many two week voyages, a mediteranian cruse and a cruse to the north atlantic, including taking part in the Cuben blockade. I remember several accidents... More
04 May USS Wasp - CVS 18 - History
The ninth Wasp (CV-18) was commissioned on 24 November 1943. In May 1944 Wasp launched her first combat strikes in raids on Marcus and Wake Islands. She participated in operations in Marianas, Western Caroline Islands, Leyte Gulf, Luzon, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and in strikes against Japan. Battle damage... More

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