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Histories for USS Francis Marion - LPA 249

16 Mar hung upside down (terry conley)
Does anyone remember a sailer stuck upside down for about 45 minuets by the mooring line while off loading the captains gig in the panamal canal in 1973 if you do please contact me through my daughters email miband14@yahoo.com I am terry Conley thank you so much for your time
16 Dec Crew/room mates (Art Blanchette)
Looking for Ray Samuels (he went by Sammie... Reminded me of Sammie Davis Jr.. Lost contact with him when I got hurt and ended up in the hospital... We were great friends... Think of him often... I think he was from Chicago... Would love to know if he's still around... We lived off base in some... More
17 Aug I served abord the Fannie Mae (Sidney Murphy)
I came on in Mar. ,1969 in Norfolk, Va. She was out board the Tender ship Ajax. Became good shipmates with Luther Ford , Bm1 Dash, Sn Billy Daniels and Kirby Poree. On a med Cruise we visited Malta, after a couple of days their , a fire broke out on a Russian ship across from us
30 Jan '79 Collision (S W)
I remember being one of the crew that were hands on in the rescue of Lcdr Miller when he was pinned between the two ships. Unbelievable! Remember where the 12 by 12 hole was from the Starlights sonar bulb?.....right in the middle of our ammo locker that had been off-loaded the day before. Many... More
03 Feb Collision (Brian Campbell)
I remember that collision, I also remember I had just redone all the starboard whip antennas. Those were gone, as were the mounts attached to the helo deck. I mean I had just reworked them, repainted and cleaned them the week before. Was a bit pissed at those guys. Also remember the Commodores boat... More
24 Dec SHSN Kenneth E. Wetzel (Kenneth Wetzel)
Dec. 21, 1968 was on the second location site of the landing of Apollo 8. The crew received a madalion made from a matal spher taken into space by Borman, Lovell and Anders. After the capsule's touchdown we headed for Rio for Christmas. Good Times for All.
14 Oct My memories of the collision with MV Starligh (Thomas Sutherland)
I served aboard USS FRancis Marion from 31 December 1976 until decomissioning in Sept 1979. I was a member of First Division as a BMSN at the time of the collision with MV Starlight. My Special Sea and Anchor Detail station was the starboard side accomodation ladder. My detail had just finished... More
12 Feb Francis Marion Collision (David Witter)
I was MS3 Witter at the time of the collision. I was the Captain's cook. Captain's cabin and galley were right behind the bridge and that was my general quarter's station. We were heading into port after an exciting time in Madigra in New Orleans, the day was March 4th, 1979. The fog gets... More
01 Jul collision on the franny may (Mark Theel)
I was an ic2 working on the starboard side getting the telephone lines ready fofr port. I ran out of something and went to the shop to get a new pigtail. It was very foggy. We were doing 10-12 knots, (which was too fast). I was about to leave the shop to go back to the starboard side, (where most... More
29 Mar uUSS FRANCIS MARION LPA249 collision (Allen Stevens)

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