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Histories for 421st Medical Battalion

421st Medical Co AA
421st Medical Company (Air Ambulance) "DUSTOFF Europe" 7th Medical Command 4th Pltn Griesheim AAF, Darmstadt, Germany Barracks: Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne, Darmstadt, Germany Source for historical information: Dustoff Association and United States Army in Europe Historical Organizations The 421st Medical Company (Air Amb), "Dustoff Europe", is reorganizing under the Army of Excellence program into an Evacuation Battalion. Currently, Dustoff Europe comprises one medical company with 25 aircraft and four medical detachments (6 aircraft each): UNIT DESIGNATION/ LOCATION 421st Med Co (AA) Nellingen Ksn, Stuttgart: 1st Pltn Nellingen Ksn, Stuttgart 2nd Pltn Conn Bks, Schweinfurt 3rd Pltn Nellingen Ksn, Stuttgart 4th Pltn Griesheim AAF, Darmstadt 15th Med Det (AA) Grafenw?hr AAF, Grafenw?hr 63rd Med Det (AA) Landstuhl 159th Med Det (AA) Carl Schurz Ksn, Bremerhaven 236th Med Det (AA) Giebelstadt Ksn, Augsburg The 6-aircraft detachments comprise: 6 UH-60 aircraft, 4 wheeled vehicles, 30 people. Under the reorganiztion, Dustoff Europe will be reorganized as an Evac Bn providing command and control for three 15-aircraft companies. The reorganization will occur in two phases: Phase One, already completed in August 1987, produced a provisional battalion hqs, two 15-aircraft companies and three 6-aircraft detachments: Phase Two, scheduled for FY 1991, will produced a third medical company by consolidating the three remaining 6-aircraft dets at an as-yet-undetermined site. The new 15-aircraft company organization comprised 15 UH-60 aircraft, 10 wheeled vehicles, 120 people. Reasons for the reorganization: Information can be found at 4/42st AA website. At the time I was in this unit we had 6 aircraft units consisting of 6 UHIV-4 helicopters, teamed by a pilot, copilot, crew chief (aircraft mechanic/door gunner) and flight medic. We also had a hangar crew, motor pool crew, armory crew, supply/support crew, and flight support crew - to include Medevac Response Monitors (AKA air traffic controllers). My job was as a combination flight medic/ALSE (aviation life support equipment) repair technician. Other history will follow as that history becomes available.

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