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Histories for 85th Evacuation Hospital

85th Evac
Your advance team boarded the USS Breckenridge in Oakland and sao;ed in mid June 1965 via Hawaii, Mendenao Straits, Vung Tau, Cam Rahn Bay and Qui Nohn. I was an officer with the 597th Transportation Company that was eventually moved to the valley together with the 85th. The situation was so dangerous in the valley that we moved the 85th back into QUI NOHN at the south end of the airport. I can remember in some detail many of the nurses and other personnel of the 85th. One nurse, who apparently was killed in Vietnam, had the name Tinker Bell if any one remembers. In February 1966 I found myself med evac into the 85th from Bong Song (Operation Masher) and the prognosis was such that I would need to wait so I was put in the tent where those not expected to survive were listed while those with lesser injuries could be treated. Every now and then a nurse came in and asked if I had urinated. "No" not yet. Finally after the 3rd such visit she returned with a Dr. to report my condition. I thought I heard the Dr. say, "We need to "castrate" him." At that time the piss was uncontrollable. I learned some time later that the term I likely heard was "catherize" not "castrate." Anyway, my wife, who is also a Registered Angel used this example in her 30 years of teaching nursing as an example of clear and concise communication. I would appreciate any direct information on unit history, memories, et al emailed to me at rodney@stubbs.com. Thank you for the courtesy.

Posted by Rodney Stubbs
Sep 04 2007 09:11:58:000PM

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