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Histories for 136th Combat Support Hospital

Department of the Army Lineage and Honors
Parent unit organized 1 October 1917 at Camp McLellan, Alabama, as the 104th Sanitary Train, an element of the 29th Division, by redesignation of divisional medical units to include existing Maryland and Virginia National Guard units drafted 5 August 1917 into Federal service as follows: Ambulance Company No. 113 from Ambulance Coompany No. 1, Maryland National Guard (Organized 23 April 1915) Ambulance Company No. 115 from Ambulance Company No. 1, Virginia National GUard (Organized 3 May 1917) Field Hospital Company No. 113 from Field Hospital Company No. 1 Maryland National Guard (Organized 22 November 1909 as Company A, Hospital Corps, Maryland National Guard) Field Hospital Company No. 115 from Field Hospital Company No. 1, Virginia National Guard (Organized 15 November 1915) Demobilized June 1919 at Camp Meade, Maryland. Constituted 26 November 1920 as the Medical Regiment, Maryland National Guard. Partially organized in 1921, then reorganized and redesignated 10 January 1922 as Maryland elements of the 104th Medical Regiment (allotted to Maryland and Virginia National Guard as an element of the 29th Division); headquarters organized and Federally reorganized 26 March 1923 at Baltimore, Maryland. Inducted into Federal service 3 Februaru 1941 at Baltimore, Maryland. Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company, 104th Medical Regiment, reorganized and redesignated 28 February 1942 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachement, 104th Medical Battalion Inactivated 17 January 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Reorganized and Federally recognized 13 November 1946 at Baltimore as Headquarters and Headquarters company, 104th Medical Battalion Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1958 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 104th Medical Battalion (Location changed 30 September 1962 to Pikesville) Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1963 as Headquarters and Company A, 104th Medical Battalion Consolidated 21 January 1968 with 136 Evacuation Hospital (see ANNEX), and consolidated unit designation as 136th Evacuation Hospital (location changed 1 December 1971 to Parkville) ANNEX Organized and Federally recognized 23 July 1928 in the Maryland National Guard at Baltimore, Maryland, as the Medical Department Detachment, 5th Infantry, an element of 29th Division Reorganized and redesignated 1 May 1940 as Medical Detachment, 5th Infantry Redesignated 1 January 1941 as Medical Detachment, 175th Infantry, an element of the 29th Division (subsequently, the 29th Infantry Division) Inducted into Federal service 3 February 1941 at Baltimore Inactivated 16 January 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Reorganized and Federally recognised 15 July 1947 at Baltimore as the Medical Detachemnt, 175th Infantry Reorganized and redesignated 1 November 1948 as Medical Company 175th Infantry Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1959 as 136th Evacuation Hospital, and relieved from assignment to the 29th Infantry Division Campaign Participation Credit WW1 Alsace and Meuse-Argonne WW2 Normandy (with arrowhead), Northern France, RHineland, and Central Europe Decorations Meritorious Unit Commendation, Streamer embroidered "European Theater" French Croix de Guerre, with palm, World War II, Streamer embroidered "Beaches of Normandy" by order of the secretary of the army: Verne L. Bowers Major Genreal, USA The Adjutant General History: 15 Aug 1944 136th Evacuation Hosptial, Semimobile activated at Ft. Jackson, SC 18 Mar 1945 Sailed from Boston to France 11 Apr 1945 Moved to Belgium 13 Apr 1945 Arrived in Germany 25 Jun 1945 Moved back to France 4 Sep 1945 Sailed to Virginia and moved to Camp Breckinridge, where it was to be refitted for operations in the Pacific. THe war ended, refitting stopped. 26 Nov 1945 136th Evacuation Hosptal was inactivated 1 Mar 1959 The Medical Company of the 175th Infantry was redesignated as the 136th Evacuation Hospital. This was the first modern hospital unit with 400 beds, 217 enlisted, 80 officer and 3 warrant officer slots. Nov 1959 First Federal Instpection 9 Dec 1959 Moved from the 5th Regiment Armory to the Richmand Armory on Howard Street (now part of Maryland General Hospital) Dec 1960 CPT Lillian Brill, selected as Adminstrative Chief Nurse ( a WWII veteran) Sept 1962 Participated in re-enactment of the Battle of Antietam 1 Dec 1971 The Unit moved to the Parkville Armory 1 Apr 1974 Redesignated as the 136th Combat Support Hospital, a 200 bed facility under Troop Command, Detachment, Headquarters, State Area Command Feb 1992 DEPMEDD training at Indiantown gap for the GUlf War, war ended. Jun 1992 Beacham Medical Facility opened at Camp Fretterd, which allowed the National Guard to perform its own retention physicals. Aug 1993 Operation Vaccination joint effort of the Maryland Health Department and the Maryland National Guard to immunize schol children. Sep 1995 Operation Sanctuary- Guard Care exercise provideing health screeneings, education, and medical care to underserved Maryland residents. 14 Sep 1996 136th Combat Support Hospital was deactivated Medical Detachment 3 was formed and stationed at Camp Fretterd, Maryland 136 CSH first National Guard unit to ARTEP 8-123

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