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Histories for 301st Army Security Agency Battalion

08 Jan H&Hatrs Coi., 301st ASA Bn, Oct 69-Sep 70 (Larry Farren)
I flunked out of 72B school (they offerred to keep sending me through until I passed), and spent six months cooling my heels at FT Gordon, GA until a bunch of us (about 20) were shipped to Asmara, Ethiopia. It was an 18 month tour, but I liked it well enough to extend another six months after a... More
27 Sep 301st ASA BN, 1968-70 (Duncan Brown)
A short history of the 301st ASA Battalion. (Short because it is only what I know of it during the two years I was a part of it: May '68 to March '70.) 301st ASA pin (worn on cap), about an inch in diameter: black bat with outstretched wings above a yellow moon; inscription "THROUGH THE... More
21 May 301st ASA BN, Ft. Bragg NC (Kenneth Heitzenrater)
September 1969 - May 1970 The unit was comprised of headquarters company and the 358th ASA Company. Headquarters personnel wore the the 18th Airborne Patch (Puff the Magic Dragon). The unit crest was a black bat with spread wings over a yellow half circle around which was a brass border with... More
02 Aug 301st at Bragg (Bobby Baxter)
I'm a bit dim on this but I arrived at what I recall was the 301st at Ft. Bragg in 1970. I was a newly minted 98J2P from Devons. Not exactly the 301st's cup of tea but there was work for me there. Neat bunch of guys. Typical stateside garrison duty for ASA. Of course we did jump out of lot's of... More

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