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Histories for 519th Military Police Battalion

08 Nov First Stateside Battalion (Kirk Noland)
I was assigned to the 526th Military Police Company at the Stockade as a Gaurd Commander.
10 Jan Suicide at Ft Dix May 1981 (Pablo Jasso)
I witnessed a suicide at Ft. Dix in May 1981. Girl from B-3-5 jumped out of a window to her death. Anyone remember that incident? Contact me at pablojasso@elp.rr.com
30 Jan the day the 519th gassed Jane Fonda (vance funk)
in 1969 the 519th was deployed to ft Dix in the early morning hours in Greyhound buses from Ft Meade to assist their MP's. Jane Fonda had a big rally at the back gate leading her marchers over an adjoining fence. the 519th surprised her in force. using flame throwers packed with cs gas she driven... More
01 Nov Co C, 519th MP BN (Tokyo, Japan) (Robert Gustin)
I was assigned to Co C, 519th MP Bn during the period 1954-1956 time period. Our company was responsible for patroling Tokyo with approx 20 roving, walking, and stationary patrols thoughout the city. Our company was billeted in a large bldg that was I believe bank offices on the bottom floors and... More
28 Aug 437th MP Co. 72-73 (Ray Gorsuch)
Ft Meade 72-73, then to Ft. Belvoir 73 -74. At Meade, lovely gate duty, guard tower duty at the stockade. late night patrol parties at Riot City, we enjoyed our time there. Last summer 2008 drove past Ft Meade for the first time, didn't know the place. At Belvoir messed up, got an early discharges,... More
22 Mar 519th Commo had the right stuff (Wyatt King)
In those days they said it couldn't be done; But as the BN's Commo (RATT) NCOIC - We transmitted from Ft Meade, MD to Ft Bragg, NC using a serious system of antenna's, effectively planning our upcoming FTX via RATT Rig's for the Commanders'. Received a Certificate of Commendation from Col Blewett.... More
23 Oct 437thM.P.Co.519thM.P.Bn. (Stephan Matteson)
Was stationed at Ft.G.G.Meade from Nov.1973-Mar.1974 went to Ft.Belvoir,VA. when we were detached to help the 521st M.P.Co. there Iworked in the motor pool with Sgt.Rolph and Sgt.Squires.Also knew the majority of the M.P.s .My name is Steve Matteson P.O.C.is mooney01@windstream.net .
02 Sep Ft Meade / Riot Control in DC (Robert Ecker Jr.)
I was in the 293rd from Jan 71 to Jan 73. Was one of the OJT MP's that was integrated into the various companies. I believe they were the 293rd, the 209th, the 437th and there was a garrison unit (the 526th MP's). Besides the riot control duties we performed in DC we were on a rotating duty basis... More
14 Jul SGT ANDRES J. CONTRERAS, OIF, 07/15/06 (Rodney Brewer)
Sergeant Andres J. Contreras, 23, of Huntington, Park, California. Contreras died of injuries sustained when his HMMWV encountered an IED in Baghdad, Iraq, during combat operations. He was assigned to the 519th MP Bn. Died on July 15, 2006. God Bless...
27 Jun SSG BRYAN A. LEWIS, OIF, 03/13/06 (Rodney Brewer)
Staff Sergeant Bryan A. Lewis, 32, of Bunkie, Louisiana. Lewis died north of Rustamiyah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during a convoy operation. He was assigned to the 519th Military Police Battalion, 49th MP Brigade, Fort Polk, Louisiana. Died on March 13,... More

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