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Histories for 503rd Military Police Battalion

503rd MP BN - In the Beginning
(Page 1 of 2 Pages): The 503rd Military Police Battalion was originally constituted on 27 February 1922 in the Organized Reserves as the 303d Military Police Battalion. It organized in March 1922 with Headquarters at Harrisburg, PA. It inactivated on 1 January 1938 at Harrisburg, PA, and was concurrently withdrawn from the Organized Reserves and allotted to the Regular Army. The unit was re-designated on 1 June 1940 as the 503rd Military Police Battalion. The 503rd MP BN was activated on 1 February 1943 at Camp Maxey, TX, with HHD and Companies A, B and C. During WW II, the Battalion deployed to England in 1943 and Company "B" of 503rd Military Police Battalion was assigned as 3rd Army Headquarter's military police and Gen Patton's guard. The 503rd MP BN was in France, Belgeim, and Germany. The 503rd MP BN participated in the Normandy Campaign 6 June to 24 July 1944. From 25 July to 14 September 1944, the Battalion participated in the Northern France Campaign. Then during 15 September 1944 to 21 March 1945, the Battalion participated in the Rhineland Campaign. Also the 503rd MP BN was involved and participated in the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign from 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945. During the period from 22 March to 11 May 1945, the 503rd MP BN was participating in the Central Europe Campaign. By mid March the western Allies had pushed to the Rhine along most of the front, had seized an in-tack bridge at Remagen, and had even established a small bridgehead on the river?s east bank. On 7 May 1945, Germany signed an unconditional surrender bringing to an end six years of war in Europe. The 503rd MP BN was inactivated on 13 March 1946 at Camp Kilmer, NJ. The unit was again re-activated on 15 June 1946 in Italy, and was inactivated there on 15 November 1947. "PROTECT ASSIST ENFORCE"

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503rd MP BN
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