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Histories for 92nd Military Police Battalion

92nd MP BN - From Vietnam to Panama
(Page 3 of 4 Pages): During late January 1970, MP Companies under the HHD, 92nd MP Battalion were assigned to the 95th MP Battalion and 720th MP Battalion and the 92nd Military Police Battalion was deactivated and departed Vietnam on 5 February 1970. The 92nd MP Battalion was the first military police battalion headquarters to be withdrawn from Vietnam. On 16 April 1990, the 92nd Military Police Battalion was activated in Panama, with personnel from the 92nd Military Police Battalion (Provisional) at Fort Clayton, Panama. The 92nd MP Battalion (Provisional) consisted of Companies HHD and the 534th MP Company located at Fort Clayton and the 549th MP Company, located at Fort Sherman. The 92nd MP BN (Provisional) was located in Panama during 1988 and later participated in Operation Just Cause, with the U.S. invasion of Panama in December 1989, and proved invaluable not only to the combat effort, but especially afterward in the city environments and the re-establishment of law and order in the post-conflict period. During 1990, the HHD, 92nd MP Battalion, 534th MP Company and 549th MP Company participated in Operation Promote Liberty, which consisted of providing assistance with the establishment and training of the new Panamanian National Police in post-invasion Panama. For this Service the 92nd MP Battalion was awarded the Superior Unit Award. With the troop withdrawal from Panama, the 92nd MP Battalion was deactivated in Panama on 15 October 1997. " ON WATCH"

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