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Histories for 2nd Signal Brigade/Group

C Co 69th Signal Bn APO96227
The unit was crated in July 1965 It was created or converted from the 202nd Signal Company, 2nd Signal Group, (located in what was known as the old ROTC training area, near a large water tank. It was between Bragg Bulvd and Hwy 210 ) Ft Bragg, NC. The 202nd Signal Co. was deactivaed and reactivated as C Co 69th Sig Bn. The only Leg unit in the group at that time. The 73 signal Bn(airborne), 34th Signal Company, 228th signal Company and 41st Signal Bn. was also part of the group. The Group was Commanded by Col. Moran. I was a part of this change over of the 69th Sig Bn. The Unit departed Ft. Bragg on Oct 10, 1965. Flew to Fort Ord Calif. Was there two days, then Boarded the USNS Upsure T-AP198 for Vietnam. We made one stop on the Island of Guam. The crossing took seventeen days. we reached Vietnam at Vung Tau, spent 1 or 2 days more aboard ship. We were then transported by C-130 cargo aircrft to Bien Hue, then by 2 and 1/2 ton cargo trucks to Long Bien. At that time Long Bien was just a RED MUD HILL. We lived in our pup tents for about a week untill the Twenty man CP tents arrived. It was the monsoon seasonand the rains came every afernoon flooding our pup tents with rivers of water through them. We were the first units at Long Bien. Our unit started the Mars network here and the first EM club at this location. The EM club was started with loans from the NCO,s. Drinks (rusted cans) were purchased by the truck load of bursted cases ect. at the commisary in Saigon. Our unit was deployed all over Viet Nam after about three months. Teletype/Crypto vans to Tonsonute AFB, Radio teletype/Crypto to about all major bases in VN. I was a 31k20 crypto repairman and was deployed with a ten man detachment (with three radio rigs) to Pleiku. Where we were attached to the 41st Signal Bn. for rations and quarters. I have a copy of EM (E-6 and below) transfer orders from Ft. Bragg for deployent to VN. I also have a picture of the USNS Upsure,a few clips of the Ship paper and some from the "Stars and Strips", a clipping about the Mars Radio Station from the same. By Sp/5 John E. Sloan ( I will add that I was discharged from VN after 6 Months in country with over 6 years active duty) Having served 39 months with the 202nd and 69th.

Posted by John Sloan
Mar 10 2001 02:48:40:000AM

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