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Histories for 125th Air Traffic Control Battalion

14 May How to remember 43 years ago? (John Watson)
I was "in country" from November 1968 thru October 1969. I was stationed at the GCA radar unit of 125 ATC first then mid way through the tour I went to Qui Nhon with flight following. I don't remember any names but would like to hear from others who do remember.
21 Jan Comand Structure (frank black)
When I arrived in country the 125 TH was a company set up the same as has been described with one exception. That was that in 1965 and 1966 it feel under the 13TH Aviation Batallion.
07 May My year with the 125th (Thomas Pesnicak)
We left Oakland Army Terminal all expecting to be members of the 1st CAV, landed in Plekieu, remember it was quite cold that night. We were split up the next day some going to the CAV and rest seemed to end up with the 1st Aviation Brigade, and bounced around a bit then ended up with the 125th at... More
19 Apr Training (William Thoel)
In 1966 and 67 we trained at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. Upon returning from Vietnam some of us were assigned to Ft Rucker to develop Army in-house training. I wrote tower and radar training mauals and we began some classroom work in training. I've often wondered what became of the school at Ft... More
19 Dec Command Structure (David Schumacher)
When I arrived in country in March 1967 the 125th was still a company. But it was unlike any other company in the military. The company commander was a Lt. Col. and the platoon commanders were Captains or Majors. The company's first sergeant was a Sgt. Maj., and some of the platoon sergeants were... More
09 Jan the beginning correction (Joe Cicchino)
correction 1965 not 1995
06 Jan The beginning (Joe Cicchino)
The 125th was started in Fort Benning GA in the summer of 1995. Most of us were radio teletype operators who were stationed at Fort Benning mostly in the 197th Infintry Brigade. We took a two week course on air traffic controll and then we went to Viet Namm as a unit one C130 at a time from... More

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