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Histories for 123rd Signal Battalion

22 Jan mr sound (Darrell Ortiz)
I was the d.j.at das thing , mr sounds,my alter ego was private Otriz ,switch board operater ,and and cable humper in charly company .some guy,s were rambo in there careers is was more like beetle baily
10 Aug LTC Simmons was a character (Pat Sullivan)
But a damned fine commander to work for, provided you could keep up with him on a BN run - those early Friday morning jaunts along the Main were brutal until you got used to them. Also "What about Bob?" was a hell of a joke for newbies long before there was ever a movie.
25 Apr LTC Simmons (Floyd Ruiz)
I remember LTC Simmons when i first got to the 123rd he was my platoon leader. When i got out i went back to see him and he was LTC of the 123rd Sig : ) I was there from Sept 1972- Dec 1979 Xmas drop ; ) and stay there in wurzburg until April 1995....
30 Jan I remember him! (Robert Jones)
He loved to run! I remember a 27 k run to Luadenbach along the river. Anybody out there remember me, I was the NBC NCO for C and later D Company?
18 Oct The old 123rd (David Vossburg)
Does anyone remember LTC Joe Simmons
27 Aug I was in A company from 71 to 76 (Raymond Baker)
This assingment was the best of my 24 years, from the real friends to managing all those years with no TV thats right AFN was not around yet, the goal then was to get the biggest, loudest sound system in the barracks. Does anyone remember the first female soldier in the BN? she got married under... More
21 Feb Hindenburg ,Kaserne --Wurzburg ,Germany 1961 (James MCNEILL)
I was 18 in 1962 when i arrived at the Hindenburg, Kaserne . in Wurzburg -Germany . I was still in a fog ,from the trip . on a troop ship , that had just been in a storm that made the strongest of boys and men sick . When I arrived at Hindengurg ,Kaserne Dec.1961 it was the coldest that i... More
17 Nov 123rd Signal Battalion (Rodney Brewer)
123rd Signal Battalion "Voice of the Rock"/"First Voice Heard" In 2004 the 3rd Infantry Division began transformation to the US Army's new modular force structure. As a result various habitually attached Division level support units was inactivated and their elements reactivated as part of... More
23 Jun Hindenburg Kaserne - May 74 to Nov 76 (Michael Cast)
I arrived at the 123rd Signal Battalion in late May 1974, at which time I was a PFC with the 31Mike MOS. My time at the 123rd ended in mid November 1976, when I was sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and discharged from active service there. Went on many field exercises with the 123, serving... More
19 Dec HHC & A Co. 123rd Signal Bn (Margaret Crowder)
I am trying to locate Edward Stewart, my former roomate Gaither, Sp/5 Larson, Sgt Greg Johnson, SSG Ewing we called him "bones''. I need info on a matter involving a soldier who jumped out of a building and certifing that I was present. I was stationed there from 3/79-9/81. Please I hope someone... More

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