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Histories for 54th Signal Battalion

18 Aug 1985-1986 (Jeff Salzman)
I was stationed as a 31C Radioteletype Operator. It's been so long and I don't remember many of the specifics. I believe I was in A Co. and the company commander was CPT Hatfield. Some of the people I remember (by last name only) were Rainey, Gallager, Landry, Mount (who then switched back to... More
17 Aug howard harrill (Howard Harrill)
B co 54 sig. 7/68--4/69
11 Aug 54th Signal 1965 (Peter Doerfler)
Spent a month on the USS OFFLIMITS, Breckenridge getting to Camron Bay. Left in Dec 1966 Sargent Peter Doerfler. Wonder who else is still around. Have contacted a few families but have had bad luck finding those this side of the grass
25 Jul 1967-68 54th Signal Battalion (Pete Barela)
I can't remember everybody but, I do remember Larry Feathers, Babe Ruth, Merrill J. Dufrene, Rodney Bausch, Robert Connell, Duffy, Thomas and others. We all lived on the airfield. It was a long time ago, but I hope all is well with you guys...God bless you, Pete Barela
18 May nha trang (charles white)
i was in co b 54th sig. from mar. 69 to mar. 70.i was in the supply room with ssgt bohanan. also cupid from la. then wilson from st louis mo.
14 Apr 54th, Nha Trang, 68-69 (Lee Kriske)
Served @ McDermott, Nov 68-Nov69, Company B. Anyone around then please reach out.
26 Nov Nha Trang 67-69 (Rod Bauch)
Larry, I do remember you an Merrill, lived on the airfield, builded the new operation building and put in the new shower.
23 Nov 54th signal Nha Trang and Phan Thiet (Robert Duffy)
Spent a year in Nha Trang 1967-1968.Extended my tour and was sent on Det. to Phan Thiet for 2nd tour ,1968-1969. Bob Duffy
22 Oct 54TH AVN SEC (larry pemberton)
27 May 54th, Aviation section Viet NamSept 67-May 69 (Larry Feather)
Crew Chief on Beaver and Otters in Nah Trang from Sept 1967 -May of 69. Good friends wer Merill Dufrane and Babe Ruth, etc. You guys out there? Larry Feather in Titusville, Florida

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