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Histories for 53rd Signal Battalion

07 Jul viet nam 3/68-3/69 ( )
I was in PLL supply from 5/68-1/69 my NCO was Robert Rice. I was with Robles, Ceneck, & Foley. I was closest friends with Jimmy Green (he was in the motor pool) He was from Hugo, OK
01 Jul I was 53rd Sign Corp. 2nd Field Force ( )
I was working in the PLL supply I; am interesting to have any contact with any of the guy that was in that unit 69-70. thank your for the answer Jose R. Gonzalez
13 May 53rd Sig Btn in Ft Hood (Patrick Walsh)
Post champion softball, Post cchampion basketball, Ft Hood Tankers football - in all I enjoyed my service as a member of the 53rd, wonder if any of former Co D members are in contact Charlie Meadows was 1st Sgt
01 Sep Joe Walsh-1966-1970 (Joe Walsh)
Joe Walsh (SSG) Went with the Co B, 53rdSig. From Ft. Hood, 1966 (by ship, 22-days) arrived in Vung Tan and trucked to Plantation was met with trees, and a (very) few tents. Within weeks, we established Hurricane VHF Radio site which was located about 100-150 meters from the II FF signal Office,... More
01 Feb mos 31m (James Merritte)
radio operater
20 Mar pfc leon mullins como opperater (leon mullins)
station at long ben , went out on numbres ocation , then sent to hill 837 comand.
08 Jan "A" Co. 53rd. COMM.CNTR. APRIL '68 THRU (Juan Picon)
I went from Long Binh, 4-'68 thru 10-'69, Spent a few months with the Signal Battalion for the 24th Inf. Div. Then the 1st Inf. Div. took over and I became a member of the 121st. Signal Battalion. Discharged in May of '70.
14 Mar 53rd Signal corps Viet Nam 3/1967 to 3/1968 (Steve Rood)
Assigned to 53rd 3/1967 attached to 121st Signal 1st Inf. Div. Lai Kai. Assigned to Mallard site,Long Bhin,went out with 11th cav,101st,173rd.
09 Sep 68 TET (Allen Shields)
After a couple of days at Long Binh I got is a jeep and rode a few miles to the Plantation compound in Jan. 68. Two weeks later the TET Offensive was on us. I didn't get to the perimeter that morning, just sat in the bunker between the huts. Working at the comcenter was tiring with the 12 hour... More
07 Sep Tenure in 53rd Signal Battalion (Darryl Fontenot)
Joined Co A, 53rd Sig. Bn. @ Ft Huachuca, Az in 1965. Moved w/ Battalion to Ft. Hood in late 1965. Went to RVN (by troop ship) to Long Binh, RVN in Apr 1966. Departed RVN (ITT) to 144th Sig Bn, 4th AD in Goeppingen Ger in Aug 1967.

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