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Histories for 53rd Signal Battalion

20 Aug I am looking for anyone in the 53rd (Maryland Berry)
I was in Nam from Apr. 69 thru Mar 70 with the 53rd signal C looking for anyone who was there
01 Feb Mars station AB8AT (Ross Palmer)
Arrived in country in April 1969 at 3AM in morning...super hot even at that time. Rode in a bus through Bien Hoa that had screened windows to 90th Repo Depot. After 2 days of formations finally got orders to Hue..the DMZ artillery. Didn't EVEN want to go there. I was a ham operator and saw lots... More
12 Jan Craig Waymon (Stewart Waymon)
Arrived in country Jan. 2 1969 and assigned to Co.B 53rd. Sig. Bn. at Plantation.1st. job was at Hallmark switchboard for 3mos and then on to the MARS station AB8AT for the next 3mos.From there to the Hill 837 and paradise as a Radio operator.I set up a small MARS station that never really worked... More
24 Sep Long Binh, go da ha,nui ba dinh (Jim Carr)
I arrived in country Dec 69, spent first 3 months at Plantation, then was in the field. Spent time in Chui Chu, Go Da Ha, Quan Loi, and several months atop Nui Bai Den. Left Nov. 1970. Let me know if you were there at the same time.
02 Sep SP4 Al Davis 53rd B Co Op (Alfred Davis)
From Long Bin , to Hill 837, from 9/68 - 7/69..... plus worked as 31m for patrols for 199th also on mountain . Hit on 7/69.... Dee-Dee - Mow !
05 Aug A Co. 53rd. Sig. Bn. Comm.Cntr (Juan Picon)
I went in, in April of '68. Worked the comm. center for a month but later worked as a Courier. Extended my tour by 6 months, and left 'Nam in October of 1969. Loved my helicopter runs to MACV and Nui Dat. I also almost became a friendly fired statistic, I had some hellashoius pilots, who got us... More
26 Jul 3/69 thru 10/70 ( )
Arrived Ben Hoa 3/69. Ended up at Plantation in Comm. Center. Went to B TOC for several months then to Tay Ninh and Go Da Ha when we didn't go into Cambodia. Anybody out there?
07 Jul viet nam 3/68-3/69 ( )
I was in PLL supply from 5/68-1/69 my NCO was Robert Rice. I was with Robles, Ceneck, & Foley. I was closest friends with Jimmy Green (he was in the motor pool) He was from Hugo, OK
01 Jul I was 53rd Sign Corp. 2nd Field Force ( )
I was working in the PLL supply I; am interesting to have any contact with any of the guy that was in that unit 69-70. thank your for the answer Jose R. Gonzalez
13 May 53rd Sig Btn in Ft Hood (Patrick Walsh)
Post champion softball, Post cchampion basketball, Ft Hood Tankers football - in all I enjoyed my service as a member of the 53rd, wonder if any of former Co D members are in contact Charlie Meadows was 1st Sgt

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