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Histories for 26th Signal Battalion

14 Aug 26th signal 1972 - 1974 (Harolddave Wilson)
HHQ - assigned to EMS and TADSS. Was a rebel without a clue, and therefore was "hidden" from higher-ups for awhile. After discharge (honorable) and return to home, I went back to the Heilbronn area - mainly for Veronica W. - and was hired for the job of Arts and Crafts Director at the Kasern where... More
22 May Hello (Diana Lowery Cabatbat)
Did you know anybody from Co A, 26th Sig Bn from 76-78 named Ginger or a Sgt that dated an enlisted woman with that name? She had long light brown hair. She was friends with another woman named Debbie Hausman. Did you know a lineman name Cabat?
17 Sep D Co 26th Sig Bn (Calvin Wadeking)
I was in Co D when it was part of the Reforger Unit, 366th Sig Bn in 1972, at that Time the rest of the unit was at Wharton Barracks.
14 Jan C co.26th '71-'73 (Mike Smith)
played tennis with the sgt. majors' daughter almost daily during '73 (dehaven) . couldn't find her after service.hello all!
24 Dec EMS Repair Shop crew. (Ralph Singletary)
I was assigned to Co. D, 26th Signal as a 31E20 radio repairman from 1976 until March of 1980. I resided in HHQ Co. as part of the EMS shop. CWO Scotty Grant was the OIC at the shop. We spent most of our field time near Ansbach or Wurzburg. When I got there in 1976, there was a drought in Germany... More
21 Nov 26th Signal (Vera Jones)
I was assigned to S2/3 Feb 1977 to Oct 1979.
30 Aug Fifth Gear Freddy, SFC Richard D Fischer (Richard Fischer)
Well, I came to Bravo Company on Halloween 1982. I was assigned to Transmission Platoon, SSG Martin was platoon Sgt. I was a 26Q, and I worked with Heavy, Spiderman, Moose Moss, Johnson, Maltz, and Dorner. I was a wetback private, and I grew up more or less with ISG Clyde Hyde Jr. at the helm. I... More
26 Aug 5TH GEAR FREDDY (Richard Fischer)
SFC Richard D. Fischer, Pa. Army National Guard, recruiter. I spend 5 years in the 26th Signal Battalion. Bravo "Butty Up Bravo" Transmission Platoon. 82-85, Dco 26th which later became apart of 34th Signal Bn, 85-87. I remember the good times with Clyde Hyde Jr. running to the cross for PT. I... More
19 Aug 26th signal batallion 72-74 (Randy Armstrong)
i was in the S-4 section at the 26th signal batallion headquarters. i had it made. did many different jobs including driving many different vehicles for batallion. was a very good experience. made quite a few friends and i only have connection to one of them now. would like to find some of the... More
25 Apr Heilbronn Germany 1963-64 (Denton Aylor)
Arrived at Company C in Aug. 1963 at Banderhoff Kaserne, was assigned to the radio group. Went to Co. A of the 1st Signal in the first part of 1964. This was after the 26th broke up.

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