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Histories for 588th Engineer Battalion

27 Aug A Short Personal History of the 588th Combat (William Adamson)
A Short Personal History of the 588th Combat Engineer Battalion During Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 by William G. Adamson While serving as battalion commander of the 588th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division from 2 July 2002 to 30 June 2004, I deployed the battalion to combat... More
25 Feb calandrino (caesar calandrino)
588th combat engineers at cu chi & tay ninh. then dau tieng , 9 / 1966 to 12 / 14 / 1966. army hosptial in japan. after i got out of the hosptial, went to the 7th infantry division in korea.
03 Feb 588th Engr Bat located at Fort Belvoir. (Wayne D Nelson)
In the summer of 1958, under the direction of Sgt Koenig with whom I worked with great delight in the Education role, the 588th was commissioned to do the Air Port Runway at West Point. I finished my service as a C&A Clerk in the 588th Eng Battalion at Fort Belvoir, Va. on March 10th, 1959. My... More
06 Sep Platoon member (Michael Leonardos)
I was in Lt. Savoy's platoon in D Co. at Tay Ninh in 1967.
09 Nov 588th Engineer Battalion (Rodney Brewer)
588th Engineer Battalion The 588th Engineer Battalion was inactivated on 16 December 2004, in support of the Army's transition to modular brigades. As part of the modular transformation, assets previously held at division level, but habitually attached to a division's brigades during operations... More
05 Jan Vietnam (terrry pearce)
I was in D company 69-70 @tay ninh looking for old frinnds Terry Pearce tlpsr@clearwire.net
29 Dec Thank You (William Schultz)
Thanx for staightening me out.But,we did get assigned to other line Co. Even though it was a reserve unit like you say.Funny how the Army tells you 1 thing and the truth is found out after 25 yrs
18 Dec FT BELVOIR VA ( )
09 Sep B Company 588th (warren johnson)
B Company was not disbanded, per se. B Company was a reserve unit affiliate of the Battalion, while A, C, D and C/34 made up the line companies. C/34 was a Capstone Combat Heavy Company. I was the HHC Commander (86-88) and Nick Kreel was the Company Commander for B Company. Hope this is... More
28 Aug Retired colors (William Schultz)
Anyone else remember WHEN B Co was disbanded and was combined up with A Co,C Co and D Co when the 588th was at Ft.Polk La. And yes North Ft Polk the old Wooden Barracks.I do it was in 1984. Email me @ cmbt12b20@roadrunner.com

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