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Histories for 317th Engineer Battalion

14 Dec Camp Eschborn - late '80s (Forgotten Frankfurt)
You sure that the location of the old chair used to be part of the base ? Because in the early 2000, there used to be just an empty space - fenced by trees. Those trees (see... More
08 Dec Forgotton Frankfurt (Steve Kowalski P.E.)
I looked at your bookmarks on google maps. The first one is not Camp Eschborn, the second one was the African refeugee camp. If you look on google earth, there is a furniture company on the former camp eschborn site, it only takes about 1/3 of the former camp. Google has picture of a giant red... More
07 Dec Camp Eschborn, 2007 - 2008 (Forgotten Frankfurt)
Made a couple of pictures of what's left of Camp Eschborn in 2007 and 2008. You can find them on http://forgotten-frankfurt.blogspot.com/search/label/Camp%20Eschborn Not that much, but - at least - gives you a picture... Any memories about those buildings (and other, gone for good by now)... More
20 Jun jorge ruiz co. b (Jorge Ruiz)
camp eschborn 1970 to 1971
20 Jun 1970 (Jorge Ruiz)
26 Apr Unit history in 1978 from the S-3 (Jim Dupree)
Some interesting history from the S-3 in 1978 http://www.bradenclan.com/Army_317_Engr_Bn.htm
31 Mar Speaking of Polezei Beatings... (H. West)
I was downtown Frankfurt, sipping Jagermeister (the old school way, in those little flat Martini like shot-glasses, trying to get a little pussy off of a bleached-blonde Heidi off-duty stripper) when that American so-called Nazi asshole turned up wearing a brownshirt, Sam-Browne and Swastika... More
26 Dec Bike Trip to the Nude Beach (Chris Kilmer)
Another memory, having difficulty finding certain individuals, but do enjoy reading about the 317th and the people. Circa 1980. HHC. Me, Dave Ferrand, Mike Duquette. Nice sunny Friday afternoon. 3 bicycles. We load up on beer, blanket, sterno, few snacks, a little hash. Our goal? The... More
17 Dec army time (Fred Osborne)
I spent time at eschborn as an engineer in 1966, 1967 and in 1968, I held the mos of heavy equiptment, combat construction specialist, and demolition specialist. company A
18 Nov Eschborn (66-69) Tracy Stroh D- Co. (Tracy Stroh)
Not real sure what year it was, maybe end of 67. Afew of us decided to buy bicycles and do some riding. We went to Tanus Mountain and several other places. All went pretty well untill we had to go to the field. We kept the bikes locked up behind where the Co. offices were. when we got back they... More

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