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Histories for 237th Engineer Battalion

13 Oct 1971-1973 (kris cleveland)
Wharton Barracks, Heilbronn, Germany. ADM was attached to 237th Engineers. We lived in old WWI Army Barracks and our unit was housed in the Basement. We had a mascot German Shepard named "Duke". I remember Eric Erickson Mike Gillam, Orlando Valdez from Hawaii, Parisi from Madison, Wi, Roger... More
13 Oct Atomic Demolitions (kris cleveland)
We were in the basement at Wharton Barracks, training day in and day out for that Inspection. Remember Sargent Gehghis Khan, Pineapple Orlando Valdez, Michael Gilliam, Eric Ericson, and our mascot Duke???
12 Nov 237th Combat Engineer Battallion (michael morley)
I was in the 237th from 1972 to 1975 at HHCany from that time email me at mikemorley11@live.com lets chat about old times.Im waiting
25 Oct Remember Hornsfeld and Graff (Dennis Bivans)
We called him Cpt, Jack then Major Jack. I didn;t like him but I respected him. Respond to komushinryu@aol.com
06 Jul www.82ndengineer.net (Eddie Cozart)
D Company guys ONLY 237th ENGINEERS from 1961 to 1963 come to our website. You may know someone there
02 Feb I was in Co C 237 Engr Bat in Munich & 485 Bt (floyd schlett)
I was with the 485th Engr Bat in Co C near Munich when it changed over to 237 Engr Bat. About 1955. Our barracks was in a place called Hochbrook Kasern. We drank beer at a Gasthaus called Hochbrook Alms nearby. Capt. Goss was our commander. Sgt. Brewington was my platoon sgt in the first... More
31 Dec 237th Combat Engineers A Co (Alfred Pellow)
I was in a company in Ferris Barracks in Erlangen 1955 to 1959 Ended up in Heilbronn . Alfred E. pellow
30 Mar Co. C 237th. (Jerome Jerry Swanson)
I was in the Co C 485 engr Bn in Munich Germany when it became Co C 237 th Engr Bn. This I believe was in Jan of 1955. Bn Hqs was in Regebsberg. We then moved to Wharton Bks in Heilbron, I left there in 1958. Jerry Swanson
10 Mar Wharton Barracks History (Larry Tomsyck)
1. Schlieffen Kaserne, Schlieffenstrasse 8-14, Heilbronn (today: John-F.-Kennedy-Strasse). Built in 1935 for the German Army (Wehrmacht). Was used to home displaced persons from 1945 to 1951. Renamed to Hessenhof in 1948. American troops began occupation in 1952 and merged it with Priesterwald... More
22 Jan 237th engr63 65 watson bar pvt e1 (Mike Martin)
if anyone know me i can.t fine anyone on here we were the 168th engr in kornwesthime just outside sttuguard and move to heilbron late 63 and became 237th d co chuck johnson ely edgar alex contress thank you my e- mail is martin178138bellsouth@net

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