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Histories for 70th Engineer Battalion

70th Engineer Battalion Unit History revised
The 70th Engineer Battalion traces its lineage back to 2 August 1941 when it was constituted as the 2nd Battalion, 35th Engineer Regiment. The 35th was deployed to the Northern Yukon and played a vital role in the development and construction of more than 250 miles of the Alaskan-Canadian Highway. The Battalion was recognized for its work on the ALCAN Highway on 4 June 1948 and received a Meritorious Unit Commendation. On 25 September 1943, the 35th was restructured the 145th Engineer Combat Battalion at Camp White, Oregon. The 145th ECB was asked to play a vital part of Operation Overlord and arrived at Cannington-Somerset, England on 20th May 1944. The Battalion entered World War II via the Normandy- Utah Beachhead on 7 July 1944 and successfully participated in the Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe Campaigns. Inactivated in 1946, this unit was recalled to active service on 1 April 1949 as the 70th Engineer Combat Battalion. The unit spent eight years closing out the US Army Presence in Europe before it settled at Fort Campbell, Kentucky as part of the 937th Engineer Group. In August 1965, the Battalion arrived at the port of Qui Nhon to become the first US combat engineer battalion in Vietnam. The 70th's mission was to deploy with the 1st Cavalry Division ( Airmobile) in positions around An Khe and help establish a foothold for US ground forces. Following two years of combat operations around An Khe, the Battalion moved to Pleiku and the to Ban Me Thout (BMT), the third and final base of operations, and continued to perform numerous combat engineering missions. The battalion was then inactivated on 1 December 1969 at Fort Lewis, Washington. The 70th's performance during the Vietnam War not only earned three Meritous Unit Citations, but also the Presidential Unit Citation for Extraordinary Heroism in Military Operations. The battalion opened another chapter of its history 24 years later on 2 September 1993, when it became a part of the 1st Infantry Division. With the deployment of the 1st Infantry Division to Europe, and the activation of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, at Fort Riley, Kansas, the 70th Engineer Battalion a vital member of the "Bulldog Brigade" in America's oldest tank division. Deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) in 2003, the battalion, as part of 3 BCT, relieved elements of the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad and began the task of rebuilding the infrastructed of the shattered nation. During OIF I, thousands of pounds of unexploded ordnance, munitions and explosives were disposed of by Sapper Platoons, while simultaneously rebuilding schools, bridges, power stations and sewer systems thoughout Northern Baghdad. The 70th's performance during OIF I earned the unit the Valorous Unit Award. In 2005, the Battalion deployed to Iraq with the 3rd BCT/1AD. Operating as a Maneuver Task Force, the battalion fought as infantry, securing routes and conducting combat operations resulting in the capture of almost three hundred insurgents and the discovery and destruction of caches totaling 100 tons of muntions. The battalion also provided security for Iraq's constitutional referendum and the historic national elections in December 2005 Currently, the Battalion is reconstituting and refitting so when our Nation calls the Soldiers of the Kodiak Battalion will be prepared to deploy anywhere in the world to conduct any mission with Valor and Ingenuity. This is dedicated to pass and present Kodiaks who have who served proudly and given their lives in the defense of this great nation. Kodiaks...

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