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Histories for 23rd Engineer Battalion

04 Apr D co. (larry swenson)
I I was there from 1976-1981
15 Aug b 326 (brian tornberg)
brian kimber, I sure remember that night, it was crazy. hope you healed well, Brian Tornberg
06 Oct B.CO. 23rd ENGR BN (Rickey Gore)
Brian! I remember that incident! This is Rickey Gore! It's been a long time! I hope your arm is much better now. I haven't been back since i left in 86. I also can't find any pictures of the old place. I haven't heard from anyone else. Take care of yourself and stay in touch.
24 Mar Hessen Homburg Kaserne - Then and Now (Oscar Henry Wheat)
To see photos of the kaserne in 1956 and in 2008 go to www.groups.yahoo.com/group/ACO23rdAEB1956-1957
16 Dec B co., 23rd Engineer Bat., 1984-86 (Brian Kimber)
Two of the best and worst times of my life. Mid 1985 placed on a permanent profile as my right arm was torn in half as it went out and and came back in as my body fell the rest of the way down the stairs. Spent 30 days in 97th Gen. Hosp. in Frankfurt. I am searching for any one that remembers... More
28 Apr RE: c co 23rd eng batt 2nd plt 3rd sq (Robert Clouthier)
Hello Brian, I was there. I served as a medic for C Co. 23rd under Lt. Carpenter. We were tasked as the breaching unit for 4/7 Cav
15 Jan Yes The 23rd Engr Bn is the 23rd Armor Engr (David Duffey)
They are the same unit eather way you want to say it. It is the history of the unit. There is more info at 3rd armor Divition web site about it. Check it out! also there is a vedio of the unit right before it shipped out to fight in world war 2. Check that out too. Hope that I helped you with you... More
15 Nov Operation Gyroscope, 1956 (Jack Campbell)
The 23d Armored Engineer Bn was assigned to the 3rd Armored Div at Ft Knox, KY. In 1956 the Division was moved to Germany as part of Operation Gyroscope and the 23dAEB was stationed in Hanau. The Bn was the sole occupant of Hessen-Homberg Kaserne. Bn Cmdr was LTC Ed Moran. A Co, Capt James P... More
09 Aug Armored engineers? (Shannon Burnette)
Am looking for information on the history of this unit, if it was formerly known as the 23rd Armored Engineers that served in Germany right after the D-Day invasion. My husband's grandfather drove 2. 5 ton trucks full of dynamite after the invasion and am hoping to find out more. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
05 Aug c co 23rd eng batt 2nd plt 3rd sq (Brian Soares)
looking for anyone who served from 90-94 brian soares

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