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Histories for 6th Battalion, 562nd Air Defense Artillery

562nd reactivated
In April 62 at Fort Bliss, Tx. I was assigned to A Bty,6th Msl.Bn, 562 Arty. The unit trained in the operation of the Hawk system at Fort Bliss, Tobin Wells and Mc Greggor Range. Our final ATT was cut short by Fidel Castro and the Cuban Missle Crisis. We were alerted to during the final ATT and were directed to make ready to move to Florida. After being on alert for 3 days we were redirected to move all equipment to a POM line on post to prepare to move to Germany. Almost everyone got leave and we later showed up in New York and loaded up on the troop and transport ship Upsure (Upchuck) to Bramerhaven, Germany. We hit a winter storm in the North Atlantic that had almost everyone sick. After spending 3 days feeling like a bobber in a washing machine we arrived in Germany. The old man said that if we got both ships unloaded and ready for convoy before New Year's Eve we could have New Year's Eve and New Year's Day off. I am here to tell you that you have never seen a more hung over Battalion. Everyone's first introduction to German beer was one I still have some vived and not so vived memories of. I returned to the barracks over Sgt. Buttler's shoulder. We convoyed to Wildflicken and set up the battery on the "HILL" overlooking Gershfield. A battery's old man then was Capt. Beard, ex Lt Kajundig, First Shirt Sgt Schmidt, Fire Platoon Lt Corvel, Sgt Gomez, Bernard Charba, Ed Porter, Bob Dunn, Allen Moss, Wally Fiedler, Bob Valcour, Mannual Susa, Roy Portillo, Ruiz, Launcher Platoon leader Lt Miller, Motor Pool Sgt Cusic. With help I'll remember more. There seemed to be 2 seasons on the hill, August and winter. There was more than enough wind, ice and snow followed by more wind and ice. Ice and snow would cover every thing. The two strand commo wire would collect ice and grow to about two inches. We would then have to ride in the back of a duce and a half with broom handles and tap the ice off the wire before the weight tore the wires down. Because of the high wind we would have to take brooms out to the corral and sweep off the pulse aq antena because the mesh antena would clog up with ice and cause damage to drive. At least August gave us a chance to go to the swimbod. Down town Wildflicken gave us our first taste of good German food. The Sportshime was a guest house owned by Ed and Rosa. Lord could they put out a meal like the breaded veal cutlet for 3 mark 80 P which included a 16 oz fliptop. You must remember that this was 1962. Because of the amount of traffic from A Bty. Ed and Rosa took down the sign and renamed the place the Missle Bar and hung a giant wood cutout of a painted Hawk missle. The days turned into months and the months to years which led to 1965 and my rotation back to the land of the round door knob and the big PX. If anyone reading this was ever in A Bty between 62 and 65 give me a holler and we can chew the fat. Have Fun Allen Moss mos 176.20

Posted by Allen Moss
Jul 08 2001 05:33:39:000PM

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