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Histories for 6th Battalion, 60th Air Defense Artillery

30 Apr HQS 6/60 (David Himmelsbach)
I was called back to Graf from Regensburg on New Years Eve to investigate the Motor Pool fire. I interviewed the guy's wife. I had many pictures of the aftermath and showed them to the guy that set it while he was in prison. He was a definite pyromaniac. He laughed at the pictures
23 Nov "C" Battery Fire Conrtrol Specialist (SP5/E5) (Richard Allison)
Arrived "C" Battery, Hoenfels, June, 1967. Lived off post and shared apartment/room above local gaushaus with "Alan", a supply sargent from "D" Battery, 6/60. Went to small, local town with a DISCO on lower level of local pub most nights off. Some of the ladies.....Hilda, Ollie, Utah (Judy). Taught... More
29 Jan 6th Missile Battalion (Hawk) 60th Artillery (Dennis Stubbolo)
I was in Graf. Germany from 1965-1967. Dennis Stubbolo
04 Dec Delta Battery Hohenfels. (David Mills aka Doc)
Where are all the Buds? Lots of good times.? Western Bar B-town Burglengenfeld.
04 Feb I was in Graf from 1968 to 1970 A-6-60 (Mike Sandlin)
I have pictures of the motor pool the night it burned. I did know the guys name who set the fire while on Guard duty but have forgotten since its been 40+ years.
04 Jan HQ 6-60 (Patrick OKeefe)
I was Battalion Duty Officer the night the motor pool burned. Then served on the Investigation board until I rotated out in Feb 1969.
06 Dec c battery 6th missile battalion 60th artiller (robert kempton)
Hohenfels lambert brown jay costigan berry
07 Jan 6/60 (daryl moorman)
graff was companyhq .I was in hohenfels,think co c moved to amberg later .
12 Jul I was in graff from 66 to68 (william kelschenbach)
cw radar tech 66 to 12/68,Abattery
07 Feb 249th and to D.S..P (Rusty Graf)
Arrived in May of 64 rotated out in 66 I hung out with Reynolds, Cole, Biermanski, Martin and Ill never forget sgt. Hensley. I want to go back and see if they are still landing the hueys outside the barrack window and if the artillary is still pounding 24 7s over the post.

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