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Histories for 2nd Battalion, 59th Air Defense Artillery

10 Apr Reunion 2012 2/59 ADA O'Brien Bks (Ralph Nicholson)
There will be a reunion at Pigeon Forge, Tn. on 5 Jun thru 10 Jun 2012. Contact information can be seen on Facebook Group, O'Brien Barracks, Schwabach, Germany. We have many soldiers from different era's coming....please join us. Thanks
12 Nov I served with Captain Bruegemann (Robert Schlessman)
I was in HHB in S-3 from February 1971 until March 1973. I served under Captain Bridgewater and Captain Brantley as their Senior Operations Assistant. I had the honor of working with Captain Bruegemann as well. I remember he was a University of Illinois graduate and we would swap stories about... More
08 Jan C battery CO David Skehan (Paul Iaboni)
Don't know if you remember me but I was a member of your battery under 1st Seargent Crawford. I served in C battery from Sept. 1971 to Dec. 1973. My name is Paul Iaboni. Some of the platoon seargents were Rodriguez, Hunsinger. Also 1st Lt. Nichols.
19 Nov missin the brew (tim standley)
i was in a batt 2-59 from jan. 76 to aug 78. hey anybody remember moms guest house ohhh the jeager schnitzell and beer, and the little hamburger/pizza shack across the steet from the main gate.
05 Apr Great Unit (David Skehan)
I was with the 2/59th from activation at Ft. Bliss in early 1970 thru mid-1972, as S-4 and later as C Battery CO. Germany was a great assignment during those years. I loved it, but regret losing touch with so many old friends over the years.
14 Aug 2/59 Junior Lieutenant (Nicholas Camera)
I arrived in Schwabach in May, 1972 from Airborne training at Ft Benning. I was a platoon leader under CPT Joe Cosumano. Lt Ralph Bolen was XO. The entire Battalion had trained in Texas together and moved together to Germany. I was one of the first replacement officers and therefore, was the... More

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