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Histories for 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery

1-43 History
The 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment was constituted 29 June 1918 in the Regular Army as the 43rd Artillery (Coast Artillery Corps). It was organized at Haussimont, France, from existing Regular Army units. The Regiment participated in numerous campaigns throughout the First World War as part of the Railway Artillery in many important Allied offensives through 1918. Supporting the troops on the ground with massive prolonged barrages which demoralized the enemy. The intense fire that the Regiment contributed was key to the success of many offensives, particularly at St. Mihiel and St. Meuse-Argonne in September and November, 1918. After the war, elements of the 43rd Artillery Regiment were consolidated under the 64th Artillery Battalion, and soon found themselves at war in the Pacific. While providing artillery support to the 25th Infantry Division at Guadalcanal, the unit earned its first Presidential Citation in the first months of 1943. The intense fire provided by the unit was key to uprooting the Japanese from the island. In mid-1950, elements of the Regiment found themselves again at war, this time in Korea. The Regiment earned its second Presidential Citation while defending the South against the communist invasion. Elements of the Regiment wiped out large portions of a North Korean attack with its withering indirect fire, and repelled the remainder with direct fire. Later, North Korean troops were repelled from the unit's position in hand-to-hand combat. Later that year, a third Presidential Citation was awarded to the unit while defending its own position. Fighting a real guard action, the Battalion found itself in danger of being overrun by communist troops. With fierce determination, the unit once again used its guns, and with indirect fire, repelled the attacks. The Battalion's actions allowed several units to safely withdraw from a position that was almost surrounded, saving them from certain destruction. The unit was re-designated in 1971 as the 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment. The 1st Battalion, 43rd ADA received the first PATRIOT equipment at Fort Bliss, Texas, in 1982 and completed the Army's Follow-On Evaluation to certify PATRIOT as a valid Air Defense Missile System. During Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, the 1-43rd ADA Fire Direction Section deployed to Saudi Arabia to assist in coordinating HAWK and PATRIOT units in the Air Defense Task Force. The Fire Direction Section assisted in coordinating many SCUD intercepts. In 1994, the battalion deployed to the Korea theater to relieve 2-7 ADA in the Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense of the peninsula. Complete History Link @ http://8tharmy.korea.army.mil/35ada/1-43ada/battalion/lineage.htm

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