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Histories for 1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

18 Jun HHB 1/17th (garrison greenwood)
Served in HHB from March 1968-March 1969
24 Dec TO: Al Bellavance (Paul Cassel)
Please contact me concerning agent orange at camp McIntyre that you stated was confirmed; of particular interest is where to find the confirmation. paulgcassel@gmail.com
23 Dec Bn. FDC chief 1969 (Paul Cassel)
I served at Camp McIntyre April 1969 to ETS January 1970. Have seen that McIntyre was hit with agent orange several times as was camp Casey across the road. Any conformation on this from anyone?
09 Feb Desert Storm (Tony Harmon)
Was statined with 98 posse and petty Sgt Joe was are section leader
13 Dec Spec 4 (Jack Murphy)
Served Camp McIntyre May '68-June '69. Was 72B20 and worked on the PBX switchboard graveyard shift. Buddies were Sonia, Plante, Morphew, Trover, Frausto, Esse. What do we know as facts regarding Agent Orange?
15 Nov 1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery Regiment (Rodney Brewer)
1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery Regiment "Copperheads" The mission of the 1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery Regiment, "Copperheads," is to conduct training and prepare for combat, and, on order, deploy to a theater of operation by sea, land and air to provide lethal fires in support of... More
12 Nov McIntyre 68-69 (James Boney)
I was in the HHB next to svc bty. Survey platoon.
12 Nov Camp McIntyre HHB 1968-69 (James Boney)
I was also there because of the Pueblo. Arty survey platoon Mar 68 to Mar 69. I had a rock band with Davies, Strickland and Englemann. Anyone remember? Please post.
17 Sep Razorback Battery 1975-79 (Robert Meurer)
I was in A battery(Razorback Battery) from 1975-1979. Became chief of 4th section. Served with many outstanding nco's including SSG Burfict, Sgt Winfrey, 1stSgt Jones, Sgt Box, Sgt Nuse, Sgt Raney, Cpl Hawkins, Sp5 Todd(in FDC), and many other fine soldiers. I can remember all the faces, but only a... More
12 Mar camp mcintyre 68-69 (Al Bellavance)
arrived ROK 2 mar 68, saigon orders rescinded as a result of uss pueblo capture.. deros and ETS 1 april 69. was sgt E5 HHB 1/17th Arty with peterson, mcgarr, flora, hunter... now confirmed we got whacked with agent orange on numerous occasions.....great----what next !!!!!!!!!!!!

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