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Histories for 100th Tank Battalion (1950s and Before)

Lineage and Honors Statement
Parent unit constituted 2 March 1833 in the Regular Army as the United States Regiment of Dragoons. Organilzed 4 March 1833 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, Colonel Henry Dodge, commanding. Redesignated 15 May 1836 as the lst Regiment of Dragoons. Redesignated 3 August 1861 as the lst Cavalry. Assingerd to the 15th Cavalry Division December 1917; relieved from the 15th Cavalry Division, 11 May 1918. Assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, 20 August 1921; relieved from the 1st Cavalry Division, 3 January 1933. Reorganized and redesignated 1st Cavalry, Mechanized, 16 January 1933. Stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and moved to Monroe, Louisiana on 8 May 1940 to participate in the Louisiana Maneuvers as part of teh experimental armored divisioin. Returned to Fort Knox, Kentucky on 31 May 1940. Redesignated lst Armored Regiment (Light) and assingned to the lst Armored Division, 15 July 1940. Moved to Camp Polk, Louisiana 1 September 1941 and to Fort Jackson, South Carolina area 30 October 1941; returned to Fort Knox, Ky, 7 December 1941 where redesignated lst Armored Regiment 1 January 1942; staged at Fort Dix, New Jersey 10 April 1942 until departed the New York Port of Embarkation on 13 May 1942. Arrived in Northern Ireland on 11 June 1942. Elements assaulted Oran, North Africa 8-10 November 1942, the regiment completely ashore by 21 Decembver 1942. Landed in Italy 8 November 1943. Regiment reorganized 20 July 1944 and 2d Battalion disbanded in Italy. 2d Battalion, reconstituted in the Regular Army as the 100th Tank Battalion and assigned to the ls Armored Division, 27 February 1951. Activated 7 March 1951 at Fort Hood, Texas. Relieved from the lst Armored Division and inactivated at Fort Polk, Louisiana, 15 Febrauary 1957. Concurrently consolidated with the lst Cavalry, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System. CAMPAIGN PARTICIPTION CREDITS: Indian Wars: Modocs Apaches Nez Perces Bannocks Pine Ridge Colorado 1855 New Mexico 1855 New Mexico 1856 Montana 1887 Civil War: Peninsula Chanceellorsville Fredericksburg Gerrysburg Wildeerness Spotsylvania Cold Harbor Petersburg Senandoah Appomattox Virginia 1862 Virginia 1863 Maryland 1863 Virginia 1864 Virginia 1965 War with Spain: Sntiago Philippine Insurrenction: Luzon 1901 Lluzon 1902 World War II: Algeria-French Morocco (with Arrowhead) Tunisia Naples-Foggia Anzio Rome-Arno DECORATIONS None. COAT OF ARMS: SHIELD: Or, a dragon passant vert. CREST: None. MOTTO: Ecce Fulmen (Behold the Thunderbolt). SYMBOLISM: The colors yellow and green are used for Armor. The shield-the same as that approved for the lst Cavalry with the colors changed to those of Armor- indicates the descent of the 100th Tank Battlaion from that organization. The dragon is an allusion to the word "dragon". DISTINCTIVE INSIGNIA: The insignia is the shield and motto of the coat of arms. The sample of the insignia was approve 11 February 1953. A black and white line drawing or a color rendition of the shield can be had for $3.33, postage paid, from: 1SGT Charles W. Aresta, US Army (RET) The Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-2318

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