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Histories for 1st Battalion, 37th Armor (1960s - Present)

1-37th Armor Regiment History
The 37th Armor Regiment was activated on 15 April 1941 at Pine Camp (now Fort Drum), New York under 4th Armored Division. In September 1943, the 37th was streamlined to the shape in which it would face the German Army. First Battalion, Second Battalion and Regimental headquarters became the 37th Tank Battalion, composed of three medium tank companies (A, B & C), one light tank company (D) and a Headquarters Company. On 12 July 1944, the 37th landed at Normandy and waited in reserve as the remainder of the 4th AD relieved the 4th ID. On 28 July 1944, the 37th began offensive operations in France. By the 25 of August the 37th had advanced 700 miles in seven weeks, crossed three major rivers and was within one day's motor march of the German border, only seventy miles to the northwest. For its tenacity in France, the 37th was awarded its second Croix de Guerre with Palm by a grateful French Government. At dawn on 26 December the 37th began its offensive operations against the German Army in Bastogne , Belgium. The 37th was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its relief of Bastogne. On 1 May 1946, when the 4th Armored Division was inactivated. The 37th Tank Battalion became the 37th Constabulary Squadron. Later on 20 September 1946, the 37th was placed on the inactive list On 11 December 1951, still on inactive status, the 37th was converted and again designated as the 37th Tank battalion. It was assigned to the 4th Armored Division on 25 February 1953 and then activated on 15 June 1954 with the rest of the division at Fort Hood, Texas. In May 1971, 4AD was replaced by the 1st Armored Division in Ansbach, GE. The Old Ironsides Division was organized at the American home of armor and cavalry, Fort Knox, Kentucky on 15 July 1940, where Major General Bruce McGruder was chosen as our first commander. MG McGruder gave the division its's nickname, "Old Ironsides," after noting similarities between the frigate, U.S.S. Constitution, with its thick oak hull and the protection afforded by armored vehicles. In 1997, 1st Battalion, 37th Armor was reassigned to Friedberg, Germany under 1st Armored Division. Today, the 1st Armored Division continues its mission to deploy from a forward base to support NATO's call. That call has taken Iron Soldiers to the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Kuwait, Rwanda, Uganda, Zaire, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina. During the division's deployment to Bosnia-Herzegovina, as part of NATO's initial Implementation Force (IFOR) and, later as part of the Stabilization Force (SFOR), the division formed the nucleus of Multinational Division-North and Task Force Eagle. In March 1999, the 1st Armored Division formed Task Force Hawk to provide security to the republics of Albania and Macedonia during the NATO bombing campaign against the Serb Army in the republic of Kosovo. Task Force Hawk provided security for the 1st Infantry Division as they moved into Kosovo on 12 June 1999 to establish Task Force Falcon. On June 2000, the 1st Armored Division went on point again for our nation when we assumed control of the peace-keeping mission in Kosovo. On 10 MAY 2003 1-37 Armor began its mission in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Presently, the Armored Bandits are proving its wartime capabilities in this operation focused on rebuilding a better and safer Iraq. This website is dedicated to share the faces of those who are currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As proud members of the Ready First Combat Team and the 1st Armored Division, the Bandits are projecting their Iron-clad forces to the farthest reaches of the globe to promote freedom and defend the citizens of the United States of America.

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