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Histories for 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry (1960s-Present)

104th Cavalry Regiment
The regiment was organized on the 1st of June 1921 from part of the 1st Cavalry, Pennsylvania, and the Eighth Regiment of Infantry, Pennsylvania. Part of the First Cavalry saw service in Puerto Rico and in World War I, and part of the Eighth Infantry saw service in the Civil War and World War I. In 1921, the newly formed Regiment held its Field Training at Colebrook. Each summer the Regiment returned for two weeks until 1935, when Indiantown Gap Military Reservation became available. In 1922, units of the 104th had their first extended duty when the Governor ordered them into Active Duty status to maintain order during a coal strike from 20 July until 8 September 1922. On 17 February 1941, the 104th Cavalry was mobilized for 12 months and was sent to New Jersey for security duty. In August they were sent to AP Hill Virginia. In September, they were participating in First Army maneuvers in the Carolinas. In December 1941, the twelve month tour was extended for the duration of the hostilities. In November 1942, the Squadron was transfered to Oregon to serve as internal security troops. In January 1944, it was transfered to Inglewood California, and again in June 1944 to Camp Polk, Louisiana. The Squadron was finally sent to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, where it shipped to the European Theater of Operations. In February 1945, the Squadron arrived in England and landed at Le Havre, France, on 4 March. On 21 March, the Squadron was assigned to the 115th Cavalry Group. On 2 April it relieved the 107th Cavalry in line with a defensive mission. The unit remained in combat slightly over one month until VE Day. On 1 August, the Squadron was at Marseilles preparing for deployment to the Pacific Theater. The war ended, however, and the unit returned to the states and mustered out of service on 15 November 1945 at Camp Hood, Texas. The unit was reformed in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as the 104th Mechanized Reconnaissance Squadron on 17 April 1947. On 1 September 1950, it was reorganized and designated the 104th Armored Cavalry Regiment. On 1 April 1975, the 104th Armored Cavalry Regiment was deactivated. Many of its members became members of the 28th Infantry Division. At the same time the 28th Infantry Division's Cavalry Squadron, the 223d Cavalry, was redesignated as the First Squadron, 104th Cavalry.

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